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Client search (Product Update, May 2021)

This is an archived product update, and may not contain the most up-to-date information.

Last time we had an improvement for your clients, and this time we have one for you!

We’ve added SEARCH to your clients page! I know some of you coach moguls out there have a large client list, and now it’s easy and fast to find exactly who you’re looking for.

You can also search by package to find all of the clients from one package in one place. (By the way, we know you want to be able to message all clients that are in the same package, and that is on our roadmap!)

We’ve also made a few other interface improvements. We’re constantly improving the package section based on your feedback, and you’ll now find a separate “pricing” tab with all of your pricing details! 

(In case you didn’t know, Paperbell lets you do all sorts of cool stuff with pricing, including one-time set up fees and different prices for payment plans versus one-time fees.)

We’re currently laying the groundwork for more searching and sorting across the app. No coach mogul left behind!

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