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Appointment lengths (Product Update, March 2021)

This is an archived product update, and may not contain the most up-to-date information.


Yes, it’s true! Our number one most requested feature is heeeere! 

“Variable appointment lengths” is a kind of fancy way of saying you can now put appointments of different lengths in the same package. For example:

  • A two-hour kick off call, then four hour-long calls
  • A 15-minute intro call, 6 group sessions, then an hour-long wrap up call at the end
  • An hour-long strategy session followed by a 20-minute check-in two weeks later each month for 3 months


(If you’re new around here, QIKYATA stands for Questions I Know You’re About to Ask. Because I’m psychic, but only when it comes to Paperbell questions. Definitely did not see that whole global pandemic thing coming.)

Can I add this to my existing packages?

Yes! On your package summary page click “modify” in the top right corner of the details section. You’ll see that you can add as many different appointment lengths as you like! Make sure to scroll down and hit the save button at the bottom of the page.

Will the appointments be in order for my clients?

Yes! You told us that you often like to use a different length for appointments that start or end your packages. So clients will be presented with the appointments to book in the order that they appear in your package.

Can I combine this with group sessions?

YES!  How cool is that??

Can I combine this with coupons, pay-in-full-discounts, payment plans, and all of the other features I use in Paperbell?

Yes again! You can use with any and all of our other features, except for . . . 

Can I use this with subscriptions?

No. (DANGIT I wanted to answer yes to every question!) Actually the answer to this one is “not yet”. We didn’t feel totally clear on how you would want to use variable appointment lengths with your subscription packages. So if you have an offering like this, pretty please let me know how your offering is structured!

Ooops I did it again, I played with your heart put my sessions in the wrong order

Want to re-order your appointments? Just change the length of time for each one so that they reflect the right order.

One More Little Thing

You also told us that you want to be able to glance at your cal and see who your session is with. Your wish is our command! Appointments made from here on out will have the client name right in the title (or their email if we don’t have their name). This will not impact the appts already on your cal, but will apply to any new ones made here on out. 🙂

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