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Calendar embed (Product Update, April 2021)

This is an archived product update, and may not contain the most up-to-date information.

YOU get a calendar, YOU get a calendar, YOU get a calendar, EVERYONE GETS A CALENDAR!

That’s right, calendar embed is liiiiiive and kicking. This means that you can embed your Paperbell scheduling calendar right into any page on your website! WHAT!

Your services page, your package page, a long-form sales page, your “contact me” page. Any page! Every page!

So how does it work?

Just choose the package you want to embed the calendar for, then check out our handy new “sharing” tab. We have also moved your landing page and direct booking links to this tab. 

Then click to copy the embed code, and paste it onto your site. Ta-da! Do note that most site builders WON’T show you the calendar when you’re in “building” mode. So either preview your work or publish and view the live page to see exactly what it looks like.


Yup, the famous questions-I-know-you’re-about-to-ask! 🔮

How can I change the styling of the embedded calendar?

You cannot change the font or stying. The calendar will be black text on a white background, so we suggest inserting it into a section of your site with a white background.

Will the calendar adjust to my site?

Yes, the calendar automatically adjusts to the size of the “box” you place it in on your website. So the width will change depending on where it is placed.

Does it work on mobile?

Yes! Your clients will be able to book and checkout using mobile.

How can I just share my “general” calendar without choosing a package?

After your client chooses a time, they will then go on and complete the rest of the checkout process (like payment and signing a contract if those things are involved). That’s why your calendar needs to be tied to a specific package.

If you’re thinking about a free discovery or introductory session, here’s how to set that up

Do you have instructions specific to my website builder?

Yes! Check out this page for instructions for squarespace, wordpress, wix, weebly, kajabi and showit. If you use a system that we haven’t listed, please let us know so that we can add instructions for it!

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