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Client File Share (June, 2022)

This is an archived product update, and may not contain the most up-to-date information.

You know how sometimes you have something you want to share with just one client?

Maybe it’s an audio recording of your call with them, maybe it’s a special handout that you promised to send them during your last call. Maybe it’s a template that you know they would find useful.

And sometimes your client has something they want to send something to you – maybe you asked them to fill out a doc with some “homework” questions and they want to send you their answers.


I know, right??

You will find this fancy-shmancy new option by searching for the client in your “clients” section and then clicking on the “Shared Files” tab.

(Note that this is different from the “content” in your packages. Anything uploaded to content is automatically shared with every client who purchases that package. Shared files are a way to share with just one individual client.)

You’ll notice you can also see any files in this section that your client has uploaded for you.

And note that you will both get an email notification as soon as someone uploads a file.

See Your Active Clients First

And there is another small but MEGA useful change I wanted to let you know about!

It used to be that when you looked at your client section it was alphabetical. OK, makes sense but what are the odds the client I need to see happens to be the one that starts with the letter A??

So we changed things up so that you’ll see your active clients on top. An “active” client is one that has upcoming appointments, group sessions, a purchase with appointments remaining or an active payment plan.

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