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Client flow (Product update, April 2021)

This is an archived product update, and may not contain the most up-to-date information.

We’ve recently shipped a ton of improvements that you may not have seen . . . because they’re not for you.

Yup, they’re for the other very important half of the Paperbell experience: your clients!

You gave us some feedback on where your clients were getting tripped up and confused, so we’ve optimized the process in a lot of small ways. These are those kinds of things that you often don’t really notice, because they just work!

Improving the Client Login Process

Generally, your clients always stay logged into Paperbell. But if they switch browsers, switch to their phones, have cookies blocked, etc. we’ll need them to login again. 

Also, if they’re signing a contract with you they’re required to confirm their email address to make sure it’s really them.

We have improved our process for this by using an emailed confirmation code. If your clients ever told you they were “stuck in a loop” this solves that issue!

Name Field Required

We had removed the client name requirement but you told us you want and need to know your clients names! So now all of your clients will be required to enter their full name in order to make an appointment. 

Email Verification Required

Similar to the above, we had tried to eliminate a step by not requiring email confirmation for new clients. The problem? If they made a typo on their email address (which actually happens all the time) their Paperbell booking went into a wrong-email no mans’ land! Not good. This is now impossible with the new system. 

Improved Checkout Design

We made everything . . . better! The design is now cleaner, with more information about the package purchased and appointments scheduled throughout the process.

In Case You Missed It

Our Zoom and Google Meet integrations are now live! Check em out!

And we’re currently working on building improved integrations between Paperbell and your website. HINT: An embedded calendar has definitely been our number one request!

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