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Client Portal Smart Link (Product Update, September 2022)

This is an archived product update, and may not contain the most up-to-date information.

Hello my Paper Belles!

How great is that back-to-school feeling, no matter what age you are? September always seems like a great time to reboot your business and your life, to clean up and get organized!

As always, we’ve been hard at work improving Paperbell. A lot of behind the scenes stuff, one update you can use today, and some bigger updates coming!

New Smart Field: {client_login}

Ok I told you it was back to school time, so let’s do a little class on smart fields! Smart fields are clever little snippets you can include in your automated emails to personalize them. 

Let’s say I’m setting up a reminder email that an appointment is starting in one hour – it would be nice to have the client’s name, the exact meeting time, and the link right in the email. Well you can do all the with smart fields!

It would look like this:

Hi {client_first_name}, 

Just wanted to remind you that our next appointment for {package_name} is starting in one hour!

Your appointment is at {appointment_datetime}

We’ll meet on Zoom at {meeting_link} (you can also find this link on your google calendar invite).

Peace, Love & Popsicles,


The Popsicle Coach

So now that you’re all caught up, we’ve added a new smart field based on your always-clever suggestions!

Client login.

You know how sometimes you want to tell your client to schedule their next appointment, or maybe you want to tell them to check out something you’ve put in their content section?

{client_login} to the rescue! This field automatically inserts their client portal link.

Oh and BTW, we’ve created a new URL to make that link suuuuper easy for you to remember: https://PaperbellClient.com/

So the next time you’re on the phone with your client and they say “uuuh how do I schedule my next appointment again”? You just just say “Go to Paperbell client dot com!”

PaperbellClient.com – seriously, put it on a sticky note in your office so it’ll always be in easy reach. 

And as for that bigger update I alluded to . . . what if you could include more surveys in Paperbell? Not just for intake, maybe after each call? Hmmm imagine the possibilities! 😉

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