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Contracts (Product Update, October 2020)

This is an archived product update, and may not contain the most up-to-date information.

It’s official . . . CONTRACTS. HAVE. LANDED.

OK, humour me with a little backstory before I dive into this one. When we launched Paperbell we KNEW contracts would be on your wish-list, as it’s such a common element of a coach’s workflow. 

BUT we decided to go ahead and launch without it because we also knew we didn’t want just any contracts. Your contracts need to be secure, legally binding, and EASY to use. We couldn’t just throw “whatever” at this feature.

After a lot of research we decided to partner with what we feel is the best e-signatures tool out there, HelloSign (owned by dropbox). This was not the cheapest option for us, but we feel it’s the best option for you. 

This gives you total peace of mind that your contracts are legally binding and follow all top security standards.

OK now let’s get into the fun part – contracts are now live in your Paperbell account!

Contracts are tied to packages. So you upload a contract to your package settings, and clients will be required to sign that contract before they complete their order.

When clients are going through checkout, the order of things is:

  1. Scheduling
  2. Contract
  3. Payment

(Of course if your package doesn’t include any of these steps, it would be omitted.) If your client abandons ship at any of these stages, the order won’t complete and their appointment won’t go through.

I have to say I am pretty pumped about what a big improvement this is for your workflow! I know contract-signing in particular is notorious for holding up coaching engagements. Clients just don’t want to do it and put it off. This Paperbell functionality makes it a super easy click-click-click FLOW for them that they easily knock out at once, instead of having to remember to send you the signed contract.

The way our contracts work is that Paperbell (AKA HelloSign) adds a “signatures” page to the end of your document. Here’s a sample contract so you can see exactly what that last page looks like. You’ll see it also includes a fancy “audit trail” to show the exact details of signing. 

Please note that our process assumes YOU as the coach have already agreed. (This means that clients can complete the contract instantly, instead of waiting for both of your signatures.) So if you would like to include your signature in the contract, make sure to include that in the PDF you upload to Paperbell. 

As always, I would LOVE to hear your thoughts, feedback, and ideas!

Other updates:

  • Our zapier integration is finally live! We plan on adding more to it, so tell me what info you’d want Paperbell to send to your tool of choice
  • You can now remove packages!
  • For a hot minute you weren’t receiving an email with the details of your new appointments, that is now fixed
  • You can now set your client’s time zone when you add them
  • You can now find your direct booking URL on your package summary page

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