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Meeting Link Smart Field + Emails From You (Product Update, June 2022)

This is an archived product update, and may not contain the most up-to-date information.

Hi , I’ve got another edition of “you asked for it, we built it” this week!

Do you know about smart fields? They’re a way to add custom data into your automated emails. For example, you can include your client’s first name or the time and date of their next appointment.

And now you can do even more!

This does exactly what it sounds like – sticks the correct meeting URL into your automated email. This pulls the meeting link you set in your scheduling settings. So if you have Zoom or Google Meet integration turned on, it will pull the correct link for that specific appointment.

How to use this cool new feature:

If you haven’t already set up some automated emails for your packages, now is a great time to do so! I personally like to do a reminder 1 hour and 1 day before the appointment. It’s a great way to decrease no-shows and make sure your appointment doesn’t slip off the client’s radar.

You can also use the reminder emails to get your client’s mind in the right place for their session. Do you want them to think of a topic or question for you? Maybe take a moment to think about their successes and failures since the last time you spoke?

If you’ve already set up automated emails, take a few minutes to edit them to include the meeting link. And note that this smart field can only be used with the “appointment” or “group session” triggers (as other triggers do not have a specific appointment associated).

While we’re on the topic, your client can always find their meeting link in the Google Calendar event for the meeting (I personally think that’s always the easiest place to look!) or by logging into to client portal at https://app.paperbell.com/client

But wait there’s more – emails now come from your name!

We made another tweak straight from your suggestion box – all Paperbell emails to your client will now show your name in the “From” field. They will still come from the email address “hello@paperbell”, but the “reply-to” email is set as your email address. So when clients hit the reply button the email will be sent straight to you.

That means Paperbell emails will show YOUR name in the client’s inbox, making it easier for your client to understand what they’re receiving.

Hope you’re as excited about these updates as I am!

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