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New booking flow (Product Update, July 2020)

This is an archived product update, and may not contain the most up-to-date information.

So as you know, we loooove getting your emails with feedback and suggestions for improving Paperbell. 

You told us that your clients weren’t loving hitting the account creation screen first, especially when they were just trying to book a free call with you. It felt like a bit too much commitment (and work!) right off the bat.

SO, our new booking flow puts your calendar first! For paid packages your clients will still need to pay up front (the appointment won’t actually be created until they complete payment) but now your clients get to see your calendar before they pay.

If your client doesn’t want to schedule right away, they can just skip that step and schedule later.

AND your client will no longer need to create a password to use Paperbell! If they don’t create a password, we automatically just create one for them that they can change later. This removes the friction of having to create a Paperbell account and makes it optional. 

We’re excited to unveil this new booking flow that creates a lot less friction for your clients to sign up with you!

AND one more thing – this new workflow allows you to link directly to your booking page for a certain package. This is useful if you’ve created your own sales page and want to link right to the Paperbell checkout flow, instead of sending prospects to your Paperbell package page. 

To do this just:

  1. Go to your package page (like https://app.paperbell.com/packages/636 )
  2. Click “Book Now”
  3. Copy the URL from that page (in this example that would be https://app.paperbell.com/bookings/new_before_registration?package_id=636)

Now you can link to that URL right on your “Book Now” or “Buy Now” button on your website. (Or on social promotions, emails, etc.)

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