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New features (Product Update, August 2020)

This is an archived product update, and may not contain the most up-to-date information.

So, here’s what’s new and exciting in Paperbell!

New Features

First up, you can now see a “client view” of your booking calendar right inside Paperbell!

Your availability calendar only shows the timeslots you’ve told Paperbell that you want to coach. But you told us you also wanted to see how this interacts with your synced Google calendars to see exactly when you’re available to clients.

Done and done!

Just click the new “View as client” button on your availability page, it looks like this:

That will take you to your fancy new client view page, so there’s no more guessing about when clients can book you! You can even switch the time zone on that page without changing the time zone on your own account. So if you want to know which hours you’re available for your west coast clients, you can see that instantly — no time zone math required! 

The next big update is client export! You can now export a CSV file of all your clients. You can use this to make sure you retain your data outside of Paperbell, or to import the list to another spot like your email marketing provider. 

You’ll spot this one in the top right corner of your clients page

Upcoming Features

You won’t have to manually upload that CSV for long because we’re working on our much-requested Zapier integration! In fact, we already have it built and need some beta testers before it’s rolled out to everyone. 

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