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Pay in full discount (Product Update, December 2020)

This is an archived product update, and may not contain the most up-to-date information.

You know when you embark on a “small” home improvement project? You think to yourself . . . I’ll just retile this one little section behind the sink. I’ll get it done this afternoon, no problem!

It never quite turns out that way, does it? One project leads to another, leads to another . . . you spot all the little things that you want to change and improve, and before you know it, you won’t have a bathroom again until spring!

That’s kind been us lately, rebuilding how payments work with Paperbell. In order to make some of the improvements you’ve asked for, we’ve had to seriously re-plumb this house, and it’s been SOME kinda work let me tell you!

But the good news is, the foundation has been laid and NOW it’s time for the fun stuff!

We just shipped the first improvement – YOU CAN NOW CREATE A DISCOUNTED PAY-IN-FULL OPTION!!!

Yup, right on the same package, your clients can choose whether they’d like to pay up-front or over a payment plan, and those two options can have different total prices!

Here’s a live example of what it looks like. (Go ahead and click through the process, you can ditch it at the payment page.)

You’ll find your fancy new pricing options on the summary tab of your package page.

The different prices listed represent either/or options for your clients. They choose just one of the prices available. (Note that all prices will deliver the exact same package.)

OK I know what you’re thinking . . . can I use this to deliver different “levels” of packages

No! Stop it! Get outta here!

If you want to create different levels of packages (for example one package with three appointments, and one with six), those still need to be separate packages. 

Multiple prices are ONLY for delivering the exact same package at different prices points/options. 

Why would I want to do this?

The most common use that we see is a pay-in-full discount. You can have a package that costs $500 one time, or 6 monthly payments of $100 each for a total of $600. This creates a $100 savings for clients who choose to pay up front.

You can also use this feature to create payment term options, whether they add up to different totals or the same total price. For example, in one package you could give your clients a choice of 3 monthly payments of $200 each, or 6 monthly payments of $100 each.

(Pricing options can only be one-time or payment plan. Subscriptions do not have multiple payment options.)

What other fun payment things are coming up?

The next two payment projects we’re working on are ones you’ve asked for sooo much, and I can’t wait to see them live!

They are . . . . 

You ready ???


Oh man, who knew those would genuinely be the most exciting words of my day?

Coupon codes are pretty self-explanatory. 

Deposits means that you’ll be able to set a different deposit (AKA first payment or setup fee) amount for your payment plans and subscriptions! Meaning you can create a package that’s a $500 initial payment, followed by $200/mo ongoing payments. 

This is really useful if you do any kind of initial in-depth work with your clients followed by a “maintenance” type of package. Or if you just like to make sure your clients are committed by front-loading the initial investment. 

So, play around with multiple payments and let me know what you think!

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