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Phone numbers (Product Update, August 2021)

This is an archived product update, and may not contain the most up-to-date information.

Ever have trouble communicating with a client and wish you had their phone number right at your fingertips?

Now you do!

The Paperbell checkout process now includes an optional phone number field that will be piped right into your client file. 

This is now live in your onboarding flow, but I bet you’re wondering about existing clients who are already in Paperbell, aren’t you? 

(You’re like “yes Laura I WAS wondering that!! How do you know me so well??”)

How can my existing clients add their phone number?

Direct your client to go to https://app.paperbell.com/account/edit where they’ll see a phone number field – once they add that in it will appear in their client profile on your side

Why can’t I add it for them?

You know how Paperbell makes your life easy with all of your clients and offerings in one place? 

Paperbell also makes your client’s life easy with all of their different coaching and consulting engagements in one place. So they can log into Paperbell and access everything they’ve purchased from multiple coaches. 

This means your client has their own autonomous Paperbell experience, and things would get funky if you could change a client’s info, only to have another coach they’re working with override it with their own changes. That’s why we feel it’s best to leave things like phone numbers and time zones up to the client. 

Is there aaaaany way for me to add it myself? Pretty please?

Yes, you can add it in your client’s “notes” field – just click the “notes” tab in your client profile and stick it right in there. 

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