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Shared files (Product Update, September 2020)

This is an archived product update, and may not contain the most up-to-date information.


Phew. Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, I can calm down a bit and show you exactly how it works.

Your shared files are tied to your packages – you can use this feature to share resources, worksheets, downloads, etc with your clients automatically!

You’ll find shared files by going to your package page and clicking on the name of one of your packages. 

(While we’re here, have you seen that we completely redesigned our package pages to make everything easier to find and modify? Lots of behind-the-scenes stuff like this has been going on over the past few weeks!)

Then, look for the “Shared Files” tab:

You can upload any kind of file EXCEPT for .zip files for video files. Video files are huuuuge and generally aren’t a great experience to download. 

If you want to deliver video content to your client, we recommend linking to a youtube video or online course in your purchase email (which you’ll find in your handy “Automatic emails” tab right next to “Shared Files”). OR you could create a PDF called “Video course access” or something like that, and include instructions/a link on how to access it. 

In case you missed it, it’s worth mentioning that you can now create Paperbell packages that do not include any appointments. So yes, that feature plus file sharing does allow you to use Paperbell to sell your downloads! 

For an interactive, fancy-shmancy video course we still recommend a platform like Teachable. But Paperbell is now an excellent solution to sell downloadable resources right alongside your coaching! 🙂

Here are some answers to questions you haven’t asked me yet, but were just about to. Yes, I’m psychic, but only when it comes to Paperbell questions. 

How do my clients find these files?

We’ve added a shiny new “Shared files” section in your client’s Paperbell login. (They can go to app.paperbell.com/client to login.) If you haven’t shared any files they won’t see this tab. 

And if they have purchased multiple packages with files they’ll see the files listed under the packages. Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like when they have purchased one package with files:

We recommend including a note to remind clients to download their files in your automatic purchase email for your package.

What happens if I add a file after the client purchases?

It will be automatically shared to all clients who have ever purchased the package. Nice! Note that your client’s won’t receive a notification message, so if you’ve added something new that you want your clients to check out, make sure to let them know to go to app.paperbell.com/client

What happens if I delete a file?

It will automatically disappear from the Shared Files section of all clients who have ever purchased the package. 

What kinds of files can I share?

You can share ANY kind of file except for video and zip files. Audio files yes, graphic files yes, powerpoints yes, spreadsheets yes, everything else YES!

If you’re thinking “whoa, this REALLY expands the functionality of Paperbell” . . . jinx, you owe me a coke! That’s actually what I was thinking too. 

This is big news and I’m excited to see what you do with it! And please let me know what else you’d want to see around file sharing (or anything else for that matter). We want to make all of your software-to-manage-your-coaching-business dreams come true!

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