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Smart Fields (March 2022)

This is an archived product update, and may not contain the most up-to-date information.

Automated emails (the emails that get triggered automatically by purchases and appointments in Paperbell) now include SMART FIELDS!

So, probably the best place to start would be . . . what is a smart field?

A smart field dynamically inserts the right information into an email. The most common example is {FirstName}. This lets your software pull the recipient’s first name from the database and insert it in the email. So instead of receiving an email that says:

Hi {FirstName}, how are you?

They’ll get an email that says

Hi Laura, how are you?

(The software that I use to send you this email also has smart fields which is how I just did that. Hope that wasn’t confusingly meta?)

Paperbell now features THREE spectacular smart fields that you can stick in your automated emails!

This field displays your client’s first name only, exactly as they input into Paperbell. That means if they entered it lowercase, it will show in lowercase. This is useful for a more personalized greeting to start the email.

This field displays the name of the package your client has purchased

This field shows the time and date of the appointment referenced by the trigger (either appointment or group session). Here’s what the format looks like: 12:00–12:50 AM, 23 Mar 2022

To utilize smart fields, just copy and paste the {field} you want into your automated email. It will show up as the correct piece of information that you’re pulling. Here are some templates for you to use.

What exactly displays for the date/time field?
Here’s what the format looks like:
12:00–12:50 AM, 23 Mar 2022

Do I have to use these?

Nope! Paperbell works fine even if you don’t set up any automated emails. Do keep in mind that Paperbell does not automatically send any appointment reminders. (Since all Paperbell appointments are automatically added to both party’s google calendars some coaches find they don’t need additional reminders.)

So if you want reminders (1 day before, 1 hour before, etc) make sure to set those up in your automated emails.

What if I make a typo in the smart field?
I recommend that you always copy and paste the smart field (you’ll find them right below where you type in your automated email) to ensure that it’s perfect! Smart fields will not work if the field is written even a little bit differently. Note that it’s {field} not [field].

Where can I learn more?
Glad you asked because we just spent all day creating resources for you! Yeah, we love you like that. You can read all about smart fields here. And we’ve got templates and more ideas on how to use automated emails here!

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