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Copy and Paste Surveys (Product Update, September 2023)

This is an archived product update, and may not contain the most up-to-date information.

I have something to confess for this product update – generally we add improvements based on what the most customers are asking for. 

But sometimes I pull out my “VIP customer” card to get my request to the top of the list. Hey, being the boss has got to come with some perks!

And this is one that not only did YOU ask for but I just reallllly wanted in my own Paperbell account. 

You can now use the SAME survey you already created for as many packages as you like! (Or you can use it as a jumping off point to tweak.)

Now whenever you create a survey you’ll see two options – create a survey or import a survey. They “import” option lets you copy and paste any survey that you’ve already created for any package. Here’s the full breakdown.

Use Surveys to Automatically Keep Your Clients on Track

It can be really helpful to ask a standard set of questions at the start of every engagement. For example, the top goals your client wants to achieve or the areas they want to improve. Instead of having to remember to do this, just pop it into every package and your clients will be wowed by how on top of it you are!

Or maybe you like to send a super quick survey after every appointment, for your client to reflect on their progress or current thoughts. Just create it to trigger after every appointment, and import that bad boy across all of your packages.

(BTW if you’re an old-timer you may have missed that we have lots of different survey triggers now! Here’s the full walk-through.)

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