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SMS (Product Update, March 2024)

This is an archived product update, and may not contain the most up-to-date information.

SMS Reminders 

You asked for it. We built it: 

🥳 SMS reminders! 🥳

That’s right, your clients can now receive SMS reminders 1 hour before their appointment, 24 hours before, or both!

This works for both 1:1 and group appointments.

There’s some important information on this one because we wanted to make sure that we’re respecting your client’s privacy and ONLY sending messages to clients who have clearly opted in.

Because of that, they will need to log into their client portal at PaperbellClient.com and verify their phone number. Here’s the link to send them on exactly how to do that

What do YOU think? Is this a feature you’re going to use? How could we make it better? 

You may have noticed a lot of tools charge extra for SMS since there is a fee associated with each message, but we’ve decided to INCLUDE it in your Paperbell subscription at no extra cost! Just a little way for us to show our appreciation. 

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