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Google meet and zoom (Product Update, March 2021)

This is an archived product update, and may not contain the most up-to-date information.

We’ve been busy bees improving our online meeting integrations, and we have two exciting pieces of news for you!

Our Google Meet integration is now LIVE! This means Paperbell will automatically generate a unique google meet URL for each of your appointments that is automatically listed on your calendar invite.

Here’s more info about Google Meet – they are completely free for 1:1 meetings. 

To make this your automatic meeting provider, look for the “Meeting provider” dropdown in your Paperbell Settings and choose “Google Meet” and hit save. That’s it!

What about Zoom?

I know some of you are very excited about having a zoom integration that will give you a unique meeting ID for each appointment. 

Well, we have it all coded and ready to go on our end, we’re just waiting for approval from Zoom! We anticipate this will only take about two weeks, so keep your eye on your inbox for that coming soon!

What We’re Working On Next

The next big project on our list is improved options for integrating Paperbell in your website, and we want to hear your dream set-up. 

Have you used other tools that do this well? Do you want an embedded calendar? A wordpress plugin to make it easy to pop in a booking/scheduling button? What else would be amazing?

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