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Private Content (Product Update, July 2022)

This is an archived product update, and may not contain the most up-to-date information.

We’ve recently made some updates to alllll the ways you share content, files, links and downloads with your coaching clients.

So let’s dive in.

Private Content
This is a new feature you may not have spotted yet, AND we have updated the name to make things even clearer.

Private content is content that you share with just one client. This can be a

  • File upload (PDF, word doc, spreadsheet, audio file, etc)
  • Link (use this to link to a resource on your site, a google doc, or literally anything else on the internet!)
  • Embedded video (you can embed from youtube, vimeo, or loom)

To share private content, search for your client in the Clients section then click the “Private Content” tab on their profile.

Clients will see anything you’ve shared in their own “content” tab on their private Paperbell portal. (They can access their Paperbell portal by going to PaperbellClient.com)

And did you know that clients can also share with YOU? Here’s a doc that explains how they do it.

By the way, when you or a client adds private content, the recipient will get an email letting them know that new content is waiting. 🙂

Package Content
What if you want to share something automatically with everyone who purchases a certain package? Then head on over to the “content” tab in any package. Note that you can make the content available immediately upon purchase or drip it out over time!

Client Login + Time Zones in Emails

Two more little updates I’m excited to share!

First off, you’ve told us you’re looking for an easier way to grab your client’s login link so we’ve set up two solutions for you! (We’re always brainstorming on this one so if you have more ideas on how we can make this easy-peasy please send ‘em over!)

There’s now a “client login” link on the bottom of your shop page.
Go to your shop page, see anything different? You’ll find a footer with both links to your terms and conditions (if you have them) and your client login. So if you are having trouble finding the client login link, that’s one easy place to look!

Go to PaperbellClient.com
We are hoping this fancy new URL will be easy for you and your client to remember! Your client can just go to PaperbellClient.com to access all of the Paperbell client goodness (scheduling appointments, accessing content, etc)

And finally – we’ve added time zones to the {appointment_datetime} smart field! Before, it displayed the time in the client’s local time zone but you gave us feedback that you’d like to add the time zone code, just to be extraaa clear. Makes sense to me! So the time zone is now automatically included with the smart field.

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