This section shows you a history of all clients. Click on an individual client to see a more detailed history including their total spend, how many appointments they have remaining, and a complete purchase history.

Use the “notes” section to make notes about what happened during your sessions, notes about the client, or anything else you’d like. These notes are not visible to the client.


The summary includes: the next appointment, how many appointments remain, total spent, and client details. Click the “Modify” button to change a client’s details. Click “Send email” to send them a 1:1 message. Click “Gift package” to grant access to a package for free. Click “Book appointment” to book their upcoming appointments for them.


These are a summary of all past and future booked appointments.


These are all of the packages purchased by this client. You can click through to modify the package –including changing the number of appointments included or you can remove access for that client.


These are a downloadable history of all contracts signed.


This is a history of all surveys completed. Click on Surveys to read the answers.

Private Content

Here’s where you can upload documents to share with a single client. If you’d like to add resources that will automatically be available to everyone who purchases a package, use the package content feature instead.


You can keep a log of notes for each client — viewable only to you.

Email Logs

Check the history of all emails sent from Paperbell to this client since June 10, 2022 (logs are not available before that date).


How can I modify a client’s name or email?

Go to the client’s profile and click the “modify” button at the top right of the screen. This will allow you to change their name, email, phone number, and time zone.

How can I change the number of appointments the client has?

See this help doc.

How do I remove access to a package for a certain client?

This is a nuclear option and should be used only when absolutely necessary!

On the package page for that client you’ll see a button in the bottom left that says “Delete purchase.” This will permanently delete this purchase from this client. All bookings (past and future) will be deleted. The client will be unable to book further appointments from this purchase and will no longer see it in their Paperbell client portal.

If the client is currently on a payment plan or subscription, you’ll need to cancel that before you’re able to remove their access from the purchase.

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