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Account Settings

Account details

This is where you can change account settings such as your name, email address, and time zone. Your first and last name will be used in emails to clients that are generated from Paperbell.

If you’d rather have a business name display, change your name to your business name. For example: “You have a new appointment with Blueberry Coaching…” [instead of Marcia Smith].

You can upload a photo or logo here and find your API key here.

Change password

In this section you’ll be able to update your password to a new one. It’s a good idea to do this every so often. 🙂

Scheduling settings

Find your Meeting Room Settings here. You have the option of automatically including a custom URL for all appointments to let you and your client know how you’re connecting. You can include the URL to a meeting room such as Zoom, your phone number, or conference line details.

Other options include a Zoom integration that automatically creates a unique Zoom link for each meeting and a Google Hangout integration.

Dig in to your Appointment Settings

Start time increments determines when appointments can begin. If you choose ‘1 hour’ your appointments will always begin at the top of the hour. ’30 minutes’ can begin at the top or half-hour, and 15 minutes can start at :00, :15, :30 or :45

The appointment gap setting tells Paperbell if you would like to schedule gaps before and after your appointments. (This is sometimes called a buffer.) Many customers like to have a 5 or 10 minute window in between appointments– use the gap setting on your package page to make that happen.

“Appointment gap also applies to synced events” means that Paperbell will also add an automatic gap before and after events pulled from your synced Google Calendar. For example, if you have a meeting with your bookkeeper on your Google Calendar that ends at 3pm and you have a 15 minute appointment gap, Paperbell will not begin your next meeting until 3:15.

Minimum notice stops clients from making last-minute appointments that you might miss. If you choose “none,” clients will be able to make appointments at any available time, even if it’s 5 minutes from now.

Future limit determines the maximum amount of time into the future that clients can book appointments and “cancellation notice” defaults to 24 hours — the amount of notice that a client is required to give to cancel an appointment.

Appointment expiration determines when the appointments in a package will no longer be available to be booked. Read more about it here.

Calendar integration

This is the section where you’ll sync your Google calendar and your publish calendar.

Any appointments from your synced Google Calendars will overrule Paperbell availability. For example, if you set a Paperbell timeslot from 1-5pm, but your Google Calendar shows a meeting from 2-3pm, that 2-3pm time slot will not be available to clients booking with Paperbell.

Disconnecting your Google Calendar can also be done here.

Payment integration

In the “Payments” section you can connect a Stripe or PayPal account. When using PayPal, double-check that the email address submitted is the same one on your PayPal account.

If you don’t currently have a payment account (also called a payment gateway, merchant account, or credit card processor) you can create one with just a few clicks via our partnership with Stripe. Simply choose Stripe then hit connect to create your account.

Currency can also be customized in this section. New packages will be priced in the currency you choose. Existing packages will not be modified. Here’s an easy workaround for creating packages in different currencies.


Alrighty! Here you’ll see important info like when your Paperbell plan renews (if you’ve already subscribed), how to upgrade to annual (if you’re on monthly) as well as the payment info we have on file for you. You’ll be able to modify or update your payment info here too.

This is also where you’ll find the option to cancel your plan or after that, the option to close your account (please tread lightly here if you’ve been using Paperbell with clients).

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