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Account Settings

This is where you change account settings such as your name and password. Your first and last name will be used in emails to clients that are generated from paperbell, so change it to a business name if you’d rather a business name show up (for example: “you have a new appointment with Blueberry Coaching…” [instead of Marcia Smith]).

The meeting URL will be automatically included in all appointments to let you and your client know how you’re connecting. You can put the URL to a meeting room such as zoom, your phone number, or conference line details.

Calendar Settings

The “appointment gap” setting tells Paperbell if you would like to schedule gaps before and after your appointments. Many customers like to have a 5 or 10 minute window in between appointments, so make sure to use the gap setting on your package page to make that happen.

“Appointment notice” stops clients from making last-minute appointments that you might miss. If you choose “none” clients will be able to make appointments at any available time, even if it’s 5 minutes from now.

Payment Settings

In the “payments” section you can connect a Stripe or Paypal account. When using Paypal double-check that the email address submitted is the same one on your Paypal account.

If you don’t currently have a payment account (also called a payment gateway, merchant account, or credit card processor) you can create one with just a few clicks via our partnership with Stripe. Simply choose Stripe then hit connect to create your account.

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