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Automated Email Templates

If you don’t know what an automated email is, start with this page instead!

No clue what to put in your automated emails? Just copy and paste our templates below. We recommend signing them off with your name/email signature. (Although the “from” name will show as the Paperbell software, any replies will be sent to you directly.)

And remember, you don’t need to create an automated email for every trigger. Not sure where to start? We’d suggest:

  • 1 day before appointment (reminder)
  • 1 hour after appointment (if there’s any regular follow-up stuff you want to remind your clients of, or remind them to book the next session in the package)
  • Immediately upon purchase
  • Reminder to book
  • Final appointment


Ideas for this email:

  • before: logistical “your appointment starts at this time” very short reminders (include a GIF or quote to give them more personality)
  • before: a homework assignment to complete before the session
  • before: a reminder of the purpose of each session
  • before: an inspirational quote or words of wisdom from you, to offer guidance inbetween sessions
  • after: journal suggestion to help process the session
  • after: follow-up action they can take to stay on track
  • after: link to a survey for feedback
  • after: link to a survey to rate themselves on their goal progress


Subject: You’re booked for tomorrow

{client_first_name}, our next appointment is at {appointment_datetime}.

We’ll connect via a Zoom video chat. You can find the link in your Google Calendar invitation.

Please come prepared with a topic or theme that you’d like to dive into.

See you tomorrow!


Ideas for this email:

  • an overview of what they have purchased
  • affirmation that they have made the right choice
  • the kind of changes they can look forward to from your work together
  • housekeeping stuff, like your policies on rescheduling, being late, etc.
  • use days and weeks after purchase to deliver additional content (you can store the content in Paperbell)
  • use days/weeks after purchase to ask for referrals to other clients


Subject: Looking forward to our work together

Thank you for your purchase, {client_first_name}! I look forward to speaking with you. 
If you need to reschedule or book future appointments, you can do that in Paperbell. Your client portal is at https://app.paperbell.com/client

Please note that rescheduling is generally discouraged, so please only book appointments that you’re confident you’ll be able to attend. Of course, I understand that life happens and sometimes changes are inevitable! 
Any no-show appointments are not eligible for rescheduling. 
Thank you, I can’t wait to create change together!

Reminder to Book

Ideas for this email:

Remind them of your terms and conditions. For example, do they only have a certain amount of time before the package they’ve purchased expires?


Subject: Reminder: you have unbooked sessions with me

Hello {client_first_name}, I just wanted to send you a reminder that you’ve purchased sessions that haven’t yet been booked.

To book your sessions, go to https://app.paperbell.com/purchases and click on {package_name}.

You’ll see a “Book Appointment” button at the top right of the screen.

Looking forward to furthering our work together!

Final Appointment

Ideas for this email:

  • ask for a testimonial
  • ask for referrals
  • link to a feedback survey
  • ask them to reflect on what has changed since you started your work together


Subject: Feedback on our work together

Hello {client_first_name}, now that our final appointment has passed, I’d love to hear your thoughts. 

Would you recommend me to others? Why or why not? What are the core outcomes you achieved? And do you have any ideas on how I can improve?

I deeply appreciate any feedback that you have time to share.

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