Landing Pages

Paperbell automatically creates a custom landing page for each coaching package. You can link to this page to educate your clients about your packages and allow them to schedule and purchase.

Any package with the “active” setting will be shown on your Shop page.

How do I create a landing page?

Go to packages and click “Create New.” A landing page is automatically created for every package in Paperbell. (A “package” is an offering from your business, something that you sell.)

How do I change the content on my landing page?

Go to the Landing Page tab in your package to add any content or images.

You can also add testimonials from your clients by scrolling down to the bottom of the Landing Page tab and clicking “Add testimonial.”

How do I customize the look of my page?

Go to your checkout settings to customize the look of your page. You can add your logo or modify the colors of the page there.

How do I find the URL for my landing page?

It’s in the sharing tab of the individual package.

What content should I put on my page?

Here are some content ideas for the page:

  • Overview of your professional background
  • The problem that this package solves
  • Your background in helping others solve this problem
  • Exactly who this package is designed for
  • What is included in the package
  • The outcomes your client can expect from this package
  • What they will need to commit to in order to ensure success
  • Common questions and answers
  • Common objections to signing up for this package and answers

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