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Website Integration

How to integrate Paperbell into your website, emails, social media updates, private messages, etc

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We moved your package url and direct book url from your Summary tab on over to your new Sharing tab located on your package’s individual page.

In order for your clients to purchase your packages and schedule appointments with you, you’ll need to link them to your Paperbell account. Here’s how to do just that!

Where can I integrate Paperbell?

Anywhere on the internet that you can put a link, you can put a Paperbell link! That means social media status updates, your website, your autoresponder emails, Instagram DMs, YouTube descriptions, and absolutely anywhere else!

How do I embed Paperbell on to my site?

Check out this detailed guide on how to embed your Paperbell booking calendar into your website.

Linking to your shop

Your shop contains all packages that you have publicly available. Here’s an example of a live shop.

To find your shop URL, go to your shop settings and (found via the “shop settings” button at the top of your packages page) copy and paste the URL you see next to the “Shop Page” field.

coaching shop page

Linking to package landing pages

Your package landing page is where clients can find the full details about your package as well as your “Book Now” button to buy/book the package.

Packages can be public (included on your shop) or invite-only (not included on your shop). Here’s an example of a live package.

To find your individual package URL: go to packages, click on an individual package, then click on the Sharing tab. From there, copy and paste the package link

Linking to your booking calendar

You can also grab the URL that clients get to once they’ve clicked the “Book Now” button on a package page. This is a great option if you like to host your own package pages on your website and want to send clients straight to the booking/payment process in Paperbell.

This can also be used if you’ve had a one-on-one client conversation and want to send them a direct booking/payment link rather than your package landing page. Here’s an example of a live booking calendar.

Where do I send clients who have already purchased from me and need to schedule their sessions?

When clients purchase a session from you, they’ll receive an email with links to access their account on Paperbell. If you want to have a link or button on your website that says something like “Current client? Log in here to schedule your session”, it should link to

If clients need any technical support from Paperbell they can contact us at hello@paperbell.com. You do not have access to your client’s Paperbell login information.

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