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Stripe Integration

Here’s everything you need to know about Paperbell’s Stripe integration!

We integrate with Stripe as a payment processor. That means we connect to your own Stripe account, we don’t add any kind of processing fees on top, and your funds don’t go through us.

Stripe is a completely separate tool from Paperbell, so generally you want to go to Stripe directly with any questions about the platform. But we thought we’d give you an overview of the most common questions!

Do I need to set up anything in Stripe to make my Paperbell packages work?

There are no “extra” steps that need to be done in Stripe. You don’t need to create a product or subscription in Stripe. All you need is an active Stripe account and Paperbell will handle what’s next. Making changes to your products or subscriptions in Stripe will not be reflected back to Paperbell and can ultimately mess things up.

What is the fee for using Stripe?

Paperbell doesn’t charge an additional fee for Stripe or PayPal, and does not take a percentage of your sales. Stripe does take a percentage, based on location and currency.

For the US: Stripe is 2.9% + 30¢ per successful card charge

For recurring subscription charges, Stripe charges .5% in addition to the regular fees listed above.

More information about Stripe’s fees can be found here.

When do I get my first Stripe payout?

Your first payout is typically available seven days after you add your bank account and take your first successful payment on Stripe. Learn more here.

After that first payout, the default payout schedule is daily/automatic. You can change this in the Dashboard to weekly automatic, monthly automatic, or manual payouts.

Stripe says an expected payout should hit your bank account by five days after the payout. Learn more here.

How can I see my upcoming payments in Stripe?

Stripe does not contain a list of your upcoming payments, but Paperbell does. To see any upcoming payment plan payments, search for your client in the clients section. Then click on packages, view the package, and you’ll see a list of completed and upcoming payments.

I thought a payment was going to land in Stripe today, where’s my money?

Payments often don’t land until the evening. Wait the full day that you’re expecting your payment to come in.

How do I refund my client?

You do that in Stripe, here’s how.

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