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How do I close or delete my Paperbell account?

If you’ve been using Paperbell with clients PLEASE PROCEED WITH CAUTION as this will delete all existing client engagements and information. In that situation, you probably just want to cancel your subscription instead.

To delete your account, go to your account details page here.

Click the red “Close my account” text at the bottom of the page:

After you click the close button, you’ll need to type in your email address to confirm your choice.

Can I re-open my closed account?

No! If you’d like your data to remain in Paperbell don’t close your account, just cancel your subscription and let it lie dormant. 😴

Why don’t I see the close button?

If you’re on a paid plan you’ll need to cancel your subscription first.

What does closing my account do?

Closing your account deletes all the data that you’ve given Paperbell including any active client arrangements. All future bookings will be cancelled, and clients will no longer be able to book remaining appointments in their packages.

However, if you just cancel your subscription instead, your existing appointments and client packages will remain intact. (So you probably want to cancel and not close if that’s your situation!)

Looking to cancel your paid subscription instead?

To cancel your subscription, follow the instructions here.

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