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Do you have a free trial or free plan?

Does Paperbell offer a free plan or free trial?


Our free accounts include all functionality so that you can see exactly what Paperbell is like, no credit card required. You can add one client for free. After that you’ll be asked to upgrade to a paid plan.

Here’s the sign-up link for a free account.

How is my free client counted?

You can add your first client for free – it doesn’t matter how many packages they purchase or whether those packages are free or paid. Paperbell does not have a way of knowing if the client is a “test” client or “real” client.

Will I automatically be charged after the first client?

No. Paperbell does not collect any payment information from you as a part of the free trial, so we can only charge you when you proactively choose to sign up for a paid account and enter your credit card details.

How do I make sure a client doesn’t try to buy and get blocked after my free account has been used up?

Paperbell will display a message on the top of your account once you have used your free account – to ensure that your shop/packages are available after that point you’ll need to start a Paperbell paid plan.

How much does Paperbell cost?

Check out our pricing here.

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