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How do I charge a third party for my client’s coaching sessions?

First, are you doing a couples or family session? If so, read our article on setting that up here.

Here’s how to navigate situations where one party receives coaching (appointments, content, etc.) and a different party pays for the coaching.

Maybe you’re working in a business setting where a company or organization is covering the coaching. Maybe a parent is paying for a teen to be coached, or a mentor is gifting a coaching package to a mentee.

In this situation, you’ll need to create TWO packages: the coaching package and the payment package.

The payment package is just for the payer without any appointments attached. To do this, disable appointments in the payment package.

This package is only for the payer, so don’t include any communication or content intended for the person being coached.

The coaching package is for the person being coached. Here’s how to create a package if you’d like to make a new one, and set the price to zero.

If you’d rather use an existing package, either create a 100% off coupon code for the coaching recipient to use or gift them the package.

Note: a gifted package will not include the contract-signing step. If you need your client to sign a contract, use the coupon code method instead.

No matter which option you choose, be sure to wait until payment for the “payment package” has processed!

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