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How do I invite a couple or family to the same package?

If you offer coaching for companies, families or couples you may have the need to create a package with multiple coachees but only one person paying. Here’s how to do that:

1. Create your package as a group package

The group in this case are all the individuals that will be invited to the session, even if it’s only two people for couples counseling. This will allow multiple email addresses to be invited to the same appointment.

2. Send all non-paying clients a coupon code to make the package free

One person will pay for the package (if you’re working with a couple, you’ll just need to clarify with your client which email they want to use as the “payer” account) and everyone else will access the group session for free, as it has already been paid for. Simply issue a coupon code to everyone else that covers 100% of the package, and no payment details will be asked for in checkout.

3. Add group sessions to the package

As the coach, you must schedule group sessions. You may want to message your clients to get their input on a good date/time to meet. They can even look at your other package schedules to get a sense of your availability.

Once you schedule the group sessions in that package, all the clients in the package will automatically be invited to those events, with the same meeting link.

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