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All About Group Coaching

So you want to set up a group coaching program in Paperbell, huh? Here’s how!

First off, what do we mean by group coaching?

Group coaching is when you have more than one client invited to the same appointment. That’s really the easiest way to understand it.

When you create a group appointment, every client who signed up will see the same google event on their calendar and they will all attend together.

It’s important to note that for group coaching, YOU set the time and date of the event, not your client. So your client will not choose appointment times for group appointments, they will simply be invited to the appointments that you set.

Step by Step Set Up

1. Create Your Package

Go to packages and create a new package with no appointments (UNLESS you’d like to include 1:1: sessions in your group package.) Don’t worry, you’ll schedule your group sessions soon!

Let’s have a look at all the options:

  • Enable “appointments” if you’d like to include 1:1 appointments in the same package. For example, you might create a package with 4 group coaching sessions and one 1:1 kickoff session.
  • Enable the “purchase limit” if you’d like to automatically limit your group to a certain number of participants
  • Enable the “expiry date” if your group starts on a certain date, and you’d like to cut off joining at a certain date before. For example, maybe your first group session is on February 1st, and you want to get everyone in by January 10th to have time to schedule your 1:1: kickoff sessions before the group starts.

2. How to Schedule Group Appointments

After you’ve completed the set-up walkthrough, look for the Group appointments tab in your package. You set the day and time for your group appointments and all clients are automatically invited.

Clients do not schedule their own group appointments.

Here’s a video overview of how to schedule the appointments:

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I add appointments after someone has purchased?

No problem! Everyone who has purchased the package will get invited to any group appointment you create, whether it was before or after they purchased.

Can I invite members to some group appointments and not others?

No, everyone who purchases the package will be invited to all appointments within that package. If you’d like to separate it out, create separate packages.

What if I want to make some group appointments optional?

Simply communicate that to your clients. For example, maybe you offer weekly sessions but your clients can pick and choose which ones they’d like to attend. You’d set up group coaching sessions every week but then your clients can simply click “no” to the calendar invite to remove them from their calendar. You can remind your clients of this using your welcome or pre-appointment emails in your package automated emails.

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