Packages are the offerings that you sell to your clients. Your packages can consist of:

  • One-on-one appointments
  • Group appointments or live online classes
  • Digital downloads
  • Or any combination of the above!

You’ll send clients to your Paperbell package landing or booking page in order for them to schedule and purchase. (Or not purchase, in the case of free packages.)

Click on a package to edit it or see more detail including how much revenue it has generated.


At the top of this section you can see the total number of clients and total revenue generated since you signed up for Paperbell.


The public name of your package – this will be visible to your client in several places.


If you’d like to create a private package (for example something custom for one client), uncheck “publicly viewable” and send clients the URL found at the top of the package page. Anyone who has this URL will be able to view and purchase the package.

“Pause” the package if you would no longer like for it to be available.


This is the tab you’ll go to for access to all of your links specific to each package (plus client log in and shop url, which always stay the same). You’ll also find your embedded calendar code.

This is the URL of your package landing page, this is what you share with the world! Here’s more info on integrating Paperbell into your website and other marketing.

Want to link straight to your booking calendar (skipping the package overview page)? Just copy and paste your calendar URL. Here’s more info on integrating Paperbell into your website and other marketing.

Embedded Calendar

Copy and paste this into your website to embed the booking calendar for a specific package. Go here to learn exactly how to do this.

Appointment Details

You can only modify the number and length of appointments if your package has zero clients.
If you need to modify a package with clients, clone the package to create a similar one instead. You can also change the number of appointments an individual client has.

“Appointments” are one-on-one sessions with your client. The number of appointments you set here is the number of appointments clients will be able to book with you. So if you’d like to sell a multi-session package, set more than one appointment.

Clients will schedule their appointments based on your availability in Paperbell.

Clients will be presented with the appointments to book in the order that they appear in your package.

If you’d like to sell a package in Paperbell that contains no appointments, make sure appointments are disabled.

Checkout Flow

By default, clients will initially be presented with your booking calendar. If you’d like clients to complete their purchase before they can see any scheduling options, change this option to “Purchase -> book appointment”

Pricing Details

You can change existing prices if your package has zero clients.
If you need to modify a package with clients, clone the package to create a similar one instead.

Paperbell offers three ways for you to bill your clients:

One Time Payment

  • This will charge one flat fee at the time of purchase with no future payments – you can use this to sell one session or to sell a package of sessions paid for up-front

Monthly Subscription (Stripe only)

  • This is for ongoing subscriptions or “sessions per month” ongoing packages. In this billing type you choose how many sessions to grant your clients per month, and clients are automatically billed every month indefinitely until they cancel their subscription within Paperbell. This is for recurring payments.

Payment Plan (Stripe only)

  • Choose this option to break your total price up into multiple monthly payments. Unlike monthly subscriptions, only a set amount of payments will be charged. If you want to give clients a set amount of sessions and allow them to pay over a set amount of time, use this option. This is also referred to as an instalment plan, or using a deposit.

Add Prices

You can add multiple prices to the same package in order to create payment options such as a pay-in-full discount, or extended payment terms. Read more about multiple prices here.

You can also create an additional set up fee that will be added to the initial purchase.

Purchase limit

Use this option when you’d like to limit the number of times a package can be purchased. For example if you create a group coaching program that you’d like to limit to no more than 8 clients, change this to 8.

Expiry date

Expiry dates make packages unavailable for purchase at a certain date or time. Use this when you want to automatically close an offering at a certain deadline.


Use coupon codes to offer a percentage discount to your clients. Or create a 100% off coupon as a way to grant access for free.

Landing Page

This is where you tell the world about your offering! You can also include images by clicking on the little paperclip icon when you’re editing your text. Check out this blog post for advice about what to write on your Paperbell landing pages.

The three parts are:

Teaser overview for shop page

This is the copy that appears on your shop page, the page where all of your packages live.

Full description

This is the main “body copy” that will go on your landing page. Some ideas for this section:

  • The goal of this package
  • The outcomes your client can expect from working together
  • Your bio
  • Case studies of other clients
  • Your unique philosophy

This package includes

This content shows up on the right sidebar of your page above the “Book Now” button. We suggest using this space for a quick “hit list” of exactly what your client is buying, but you can put whatever you want here! Paperbell automatically inserts the number of length of appointments, which you can delete or leave in.

Automatated Emails

Paperbell can send customised email reminders based on certain triggers. Currently these triggers are:

  • Appointment
  • Group Session
  • Purchase
  • Reminder To Book
  • Final Appointment

Click “Add a New Email” to create an email and “Modify” to customize existing emails. You can create an unlimited amount of emails for each package.

Note that emails are package-specific, they will only apply to clients of the package you’re currently editing.

Here’s our in-depth walk-though of automated emails and how to use them.

Need more advice on what to say in the emails? Check out this article.


When you add a contract, your clients will be required to sign before they can complete their purchase. Paperbell inserts a signatures page at the end of your contract that your client signs electronically. Learn more about how it works here.


You can add questions that will be shown to your client upon purchase (before they reach the scheduling page). Add as many questions as you like, and the answers will appear on your individual client profile pages. Note that survey questions are package-specific, they will only appear for clients of the package you’re currently editing.

Shared Files

Want to share handouts, worksheets, or other resources with your clients? This is the place! Upload as many files as you like, and clients will be able to access them inside their Paperbell login at

You can use this feature to sell digital downloads standalone, or to include them in your coaching packages. Learn more about selling digital downloads on Paperbell here.

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