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How do I create different pricing options for a package (pay-in-full discount)?

Sometimes your clients like to have options! Some want to knock out the whole bill up front, and some prefer to pay over time.

Many coaches like to provide a discount for paying up front, and you can do this with Paperbell.

Here’s a live example of what it looks like. (Go ahead and click through the process, you can ditch it at the payment page.)

You’ll find your pricing options on the Pricing tab of your package:

The different prices listed represent either/or options for your clients. They choose just one of the prices available. Note that all prices will deliver the exact same package.

We know what you’re thinking . . . can I use this to deliver different “levels” of packages? No! Stop it! Get outta here! (j/k, please stay!)

If you want to create different levels of packages (for example one package with three appointments, and one with six), simply create separate Paperbell packages for each option.

Multiple prices are ONLY for delivering the exact same package at different price points/options.

How do I add multiple prices?

To add another pricing option, click the “Add” button in the pricing section.

Can I create an early bird price and a regular price?

Yes! To do this, add the first price for whatever window of time it’s relevant. Then, add the higher regular price when it’s time, and archive the original price.

Why would I want to do this?

The most common use that we see is a pay in full discount. You can have a package that costs $500 one time, or 6 monthly payments of $100 each for a total of $600. This creates a $100 savings for clients who choose to pay up front.

You can also use this feature to create payment term options, whether they add up to different totals or the same total price. For example in one package you could give your clients a choice of 3 monthly payments of $100 each, or 6 monthly payments of $50 each.

Pricing options can only be one time or payment plan. Subscriptions do not have multiple payment options.

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