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How do I add images to my shop and package pages?

First, go to your Packages page and select the package you want to modify. Next click the “Landing page” tab and finally the “Modify” button. Here’s a GIF of the process:

Next, insert your cursor where you’d like the image to go and click the little paperclip icon:

To get the best results for your images…

  • create them at a minimum of either 1200px wide or 450px high
  • save them as PNGs instead of JPGs

You cannot resize images in Paperbell, so make sure they’re sized correctly before you upload. It’s easy to bulk resize using this free tool.

Embed a YouTube video in your package description

If you have a video that conveys something special about your package, embed it directly in your package description.

Click the video icon in your toolbar, paste in your YouTube link, and click “Add”:

Can I see an example of a shop with beautiful images?

Here’s one with lovely images and a great logo. Note that it’s fine to repeat images!

We also think the The Truth Bakery is knocking it out of the park:

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