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Can I use my own domain name?

This page has you want to know about domain names and Paperbell!

At this time you can’t customize your Paperbell or shop individual package URLs, although that is something we plan to add in the future!

However, you can use your own domain “on top” of Paperbell so that your domain appears when someone is on a Paperbell page. This can be done via a domain redirect or domain cloaking.

How to Redirect/Forward Your Domain to Paperbell

You can tell the company that hosts your domain to redirect it to your Paperbell shop or package page. This means when someone types in your domain (like CoachLisa.com) it will redirect to Paperbell, and once it does the Paperbell URL will be shown.

Search your domain name provider for “forward” “forwarding” or “redirect” for instructions on how to do this.

Maybe you want to keep your website on CoachLisa.com but you’d like to be able to send people to CoachLisa.com/coaching/ and have them land on your paperbell shop page. To do that you need to create a URL redirect that goes from a specific page on your site to a Paperbell page.

If you use wordpress, we like the Redirection plugin for this. Here are the wix and squarespace instructions.

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