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How do I create an invoice?

Can Paperbell create invoices? Paperbell does not create your typical PDF attachment type of invoice. But we do something better!

With Paperbell you send someone a link to your package page or directly to your booking page. You can look through an example Paperbell shop here.

Although you can’t create custom “invoices”, you can always create a custom private package for a single client. And our package page can function in a similar (in our opinion better!) way to an invoice, as it allows clients to see all the info they need and pay right there!

I Don’t Need an Entire Package, Just a Payment

If you have a need to collect a payment with no larger package attached, you can do that by creating a package with no appointments. Simply disable appointments when you’re creating your package.

Our philosophy is that invoices slow your process down (and have to be created manually for each client), while online packages speed the process up by allowing your clients to pay by credit card right away. Plus, with Paperbell packages your clients do all of their other onboarding work (like scheduling appointments, signing contracts, or completing surveys) in one central workflow.

If the nature of your business is charging custom amounts to each client, Paperbell is likely not the best option for you.

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