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How does Paperbell handle no-shows?

My client didn’t show up, will Paperbell give them another session to make up for it?

No, if a client is a no-show they have used up their session and the system won’t automatically grant them another.

I want to give my client another appointment to make up for the one they missed, how do I do this?

1. Click on your client’s name in the client section
2. Click on the Packages tab
3. Click on the package name that your client missed a session for
4. Click “Modify” at the top of the screen to change the number of appointments. Note: this field shows the total number, so if your client’s package included 4 sessions and they missed one, you’ll need to change this number to 5 to make 5 total sessions (include the one missed one).

My client was a no-show, do I need to do anything in Paperbell to reflect this?

No, not unless you want to grant them an additional appointment to make up for it. If you like you can leave a note about it in your client’s note section (these are private and not shared with your client).

My client told me last-minute that they won’t be able to make the appointment, what should I do?

Your client might reach out to you to cancel because they’ve missed Paperbell’s window to modify the appointment. How to proceed from here is really up to you.

If you’d like to let them change the appointment, you can cancel it yourself in Paperbell by clicking on it in your upcoming appointments list. This will automatically grant them a new appointment to schedule again when they like.

Alternatively, you can just tell them that they’re too late to cancel. Paperbell will automatically “use up” the appointment that they’ve missed and will not grant them another one.

Does Paperbell “know” when a client is a no-show?

No, Paperbell does not have a way to automatically recognize whether or not a client showed up for a call.

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