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Top 3 of 2022 (Product Update, January 2023)

This is an archived product update, and may not contain the most up-to-date information.

It’s 2023!

OK you probably knew that. But you may not know all the amazing recent improvements we made at Paperbell over the past year. 

Also I just want to take a minute to say: wow. Thank you.

2022 was a huge year for Paperbell – although we’re still a new company we’ve already been able to bring ease and simplicity to thousands of coaches. We also grew our team to provide you better service, better blog posts, and a better product!

So as a little wrap up, here are some of my TOP THREEs from 2022!

Top Three Product Improvements

Multiples Notes, Shared or Private

In 2022 we created the ability to add in as many notes as you like AND choose whether or note the note is private to you or shared with your client for each note. This makes it so easy to share session notes with your client!

Private Content

Sometimes you’re on a coaching call and you think “oooh I have an exercise for this that would be perfect” – you want an easy, organized way to send it to your client and make sure they can reference it again later. Enter, private content! I love this 2022 addition for making it easy to add value for your clients.

Smart Fields

It feels like we’ve had this one forever so I was surprised to look back and discover it was added in 2022! Smart fields are definitely a fan favorite because they allow you to fully customize your automated emails (like “hey our appointment is coming up” reminders) while still keeping in key details like the meeting link and the appointment date and time. So. Good. 

Top Three Blog Posts

Did you know that we add a new hugely valuable blog post every week AND we’re planning on amping up our schedule even more in 2023? If you haven’t been reading our blog – get in there!

23 Free Life Coaching Resources to Get Your Little Paws on Right Now

OK, I love the headline of this one and who doesn’t love FREE stuff! This post is a fun grab bag of great freebies for coaches – including podcasts, models, questions, templates and more. 

A Shortlist of the 7 Best Microphones to Use with Your Coaching Clients (Budget & Pro Options) 

If you’re a regular reader of the PaperBlog you know we ran a LOT of reviews of all types in 2022. I was keen to get this one published because I have tried sooo many different mics myself. Plus I had always wondered what mic “The Life Coach School ” microphone is and we found out for this article. 

The Top 8 Project Management Tools That Busy Coaches Recommend

I don’t know about you but there’s nothing I love more than a peek under the hood of what other businesses use! This was a fun one because we surveyed a bunch of coaches on their favorite project management tool. BTW we use ClickUp here at Paperbell.

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