23 Free Life Coaching Resources to Upgrade Your Practice

life coaching resources

At Paperbell, we always look for ways we can make the lives of coaches easier.

This guide compiles 23 of our best free resources to help you deliver more value to your clients, build your coaching brand, and run your business more efficiently.

Bookmark it and come back to it regularly to make learning and upgrading your life coaching business a habit.

1. 53 Powerful Life Coaching Questions

Most of the work you’ll do as a coach involves asking your clients the right questions. 

So, if you’re unsure where to start, save this resource that’s chock-full of powerful life coaching questions that can help you guide your clients toward personal transformation.

Note that these are questions you’ll be asking during a coaching session. Further down this list, you’ll find other types of questions for intake forms and discovery sessions.

2. Top 8 Coaching Tools to Better Service Your Coaching Clients

The impact of your client sessions largely depends on the coaching techniques you use. Some of the most commonly used ones are:

  • The Wheel of Life
  • The Life EKG
  • Pre-session check-ins
  • The GROW model

Check out our guide to using the eight more powerful life coaching tools to get an in-depth understanding of how they can be applied in your coaching practice. 

3. 60 Amazing Life Coaching Podcasts

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Listening to podcasts while doing chores, driving, or commuting is a great way to pass the time while getting in an extra half an hour of learning in your day.

If you’re looking for podcasts to help you become a better coach and build your business, look no further than our collection of 60 life coaching podcasts.

In it, you’ll find both interviews and solo shows that can help you learn from experienced life coaches.

4. Email Templates to Ask for a Coaching Testimonial

Testimonials are the best social proof to gain the trust of new clients. They show them how effective your coaching packages are.

However, clients usually don’t think of sending you one unless they’re being asked. You must be proactive while making the process as easy for them as possible.

Here are our best email templates that will help you land new coaching testimonials.

5. Best Scheduling Software for Coaches

Let’s face it: Going back and forth with emails to figure out the best time for a coaching session is annoying and a waste of time. That’s why a professional life coach should use scheduling software to automate their businesses and improve their clients’ experience. 

Here’s a thorough guide to help you pick the best scheduling software — specifically for a coaching business. It covers the features you actually need in a solo or small business and which tools can do the job.

6. Coaching Disclaimer Templates

Coaching can make a tremendous difference in someone’s life. However, it’s not a magical solution to fix everything for your client. They need to be willing to put in the effort to make a difference in their own lives.

Coaches are also not medical professionals and can’t provide therapy. Unless you have a medical degree, health and well-being coaches should use a disclaimer with every new client they onboard.

We’ve prepped three ready-made coaching disclaimer templates that you can swipe for your own business right away. This guide will also teach you how to write your own.

7. Life Coaching Insurance Providers

Disclaimers are important, but unfortunately, they don’t make you 100% safe from potential lawsuits.

Accidents can happen even if you do everything right, and some clients may get the wrong impression of what a coach can do for them. This can cause legal conflict.

Insurance can protect you in case of a lawsuit or if your business assets get damaged. But what coverage do you actually need as a coach?

Here’s how to choose the right business insurance for your life coaching practice and some of the top insurance providers you can contact.

8. Coaching Proposal Template

You’ve just had an amazing discovery session with a potential coaching client. They’re almost on board now. You just need to seal the deal with a convincing proposal.

This guide has a ready-made coaching proposal you can adopt for any prospect and some tips on how to write your own. You’ll also learn what common pitfalls to avoid when you send your next pitch.

9. Free Coaching Assessments

Assessments and surveys help you get clear on your client’s needs so you can customize their journey and help them reach their goals.

Use these 9 free online life coaching assessments every time you onboard a new client.

10. Life Coaching Session Template

To maximize the value of your sessions, you need to keep them structured while allowing some wiggle room to follow your client’s flow.

This 6-step template will show you how to deliver an impactful life coaching session to your clients.

11. Client-Converting Discovery Questions

The questions you ask in your discovery sessions can make the difference between a client ready to sign with you and a “maybe next time.”

Interviewing your clients in these sessions also helps you qualify them. Not everyone will be a good fit to enroll in your life coaching services — and it’s better to know whether they are before you agree to work with them.

If you’re not sure what to ask a prospective client, try these nine client-converting questions in your next discovery session.

12. Life Coaching Intake Form Questions

Intake forms are designed to onboard new coaching clients. These questionnaires help you get a clear picture of where they are in their life.

Here are some tried and tested questions you can include in your intake form, and how to set it up as a part of your onboarding process.

13. Copywriting Guide for Life Coaches

As a coach, you need to juggle several hats and may even need to write your own copy at times.

Learn the best copywriting practices for life coaches to write your own website, social media posts, and emails.

14. Life Coaching Forms

We’ve mentioned intake forms, but did you know that you can use five other coaching forms to run your business more efficiently?

Check out these 21 examples of forms to streamline your practice and improve your clients’ experience with you.

15. Life Coach Bio Examples

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Your bio is so close to home that it often turns out to be the hardest to write — even though it’s also the most key information about you for your clients.

Here are some coaching bio examples and tips to help you craft the perfect introduction about yourself.

16. Brand Strategy Template

A solid brand strategy can help you rise above the noise and build a successful life coaching business.

Steal this brand strategy template to help you understand your ideal client, create a powerful value proposition, and establish a strong brand mission your dream clients will resonate.

17. Marketing Guide for Life Coaches

You don’t need a degree in marketing to grow a successful life coach business. Here’s our best guide to help you market your practice and book more clients.

As a bonus, discover our Free Template Pack For Coaches to craft your website, coaching packages, and more.

18. Life Coaching Blogs

Whether you want inspiration to start your own blog or simply want to learn from other coaches, thousands of life coaching blogs are available online.

If you’re unsure where to start, we’ve gathered the best life coach blogs we can’t get enough of. Bookmark this for your reading time!

19. Life Coaching Quotes

Coming up with fresh content for your email marketing or social media posts can get difficult over time — but you don’t always have to use your own.

Sharing life coaching quotes is a great way to engage your audience and inspire potential clients to take action.

Here are our 52 favorite insta-worthy life coach quotes.

20. Top 6 Coaching Organizations

Running a business without a team, especially online, can sometimes feel lonely. Finding a supporting community that you resonate with can help you learn from peers and advance in your coaching career — plus, it’s great for your mental health.

To find the right one, look into these top 6 coaching organizations welcoming members worldwide.

21. Life Coach Certification Programs

Certification programs can help you gain new skills and techniques, and advance in your coaching career while providing you with new credentials.

Here are the best life coach training institutes and programs that will get you certified in 12 months or less.

22. Coaching Books

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Looking for new books to add to your reading list? Check out the 12 best life coaching books to upgrade your methodology, learn new personal development models, and gather inspiration for your sessions.

23. Coaching Models

Last, but not least, get up-to-speed on the most commonly used coaching models.

Replicate these effective frameworks to boost your confidence and support your clients in their goals and challenges.

Upgrade Your Life Coaching Business with Paperbell

It’s worth bookmarking these life coaching resources so you can return to them whenever you need to help running your business. And while you’re at it, take Paperbell for a test drive to see how it can automate your entire client management workflow.

A free account lets you onboard your first client, schedule appointments, seamlessly create forms, keep all your notes in one place, create contracts, and more.

Create your free account now to try all the features.

life coaching resources

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in February 2022 and has since been updated for accuracy.

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