23 Free Life Coaching Resources to Get Your Little Paws on Right Now

life coaching resources

If you search for life coaching resources online, you’ll most likely get overwhelmed with information.

And with so much on your plate to grow your coaching business, you don’t always have time to read every single blog post or go through every course to access these resources.

That’s why we’ve gathered the best 23 life coaching resources that can help you make the most of your time!

1. 53 powerful life coaching questions

Most of the work you’ll do as a coach involves asking your clients the right questions. 

So, if you’re not sure where to start, make sure to bookmark this resource that’s chock-full of powerful life coaching questions that can help you guide your clients toward their breakthroughs.

Note that these are questions you’ll be asking during a coaching session. Further down this list, you’ll find other types of questions for intake forms and discovery sessions.

2. Top 8 coaching tools to better service your coaching clients

The goal of life coaching is to help your clients develop the skills they need to increase their personal development.

But did you know that several resources exist to support you as you help your coaching clients on that journey? Some of these include:

  • The Wheel of Life model
  • The Life EKG
  • Pre-session check-ins
  • The GROW model

Check out our complete list of life coaching tools for an in-depth explanation of all eight of these resources so that you can deepen your coaching practice. 

3. 60 amazing life coaching podcasts

There’s nothing quite like putting on an engaging podcast to pass the time while you’re doing chores at home, driving, or commuting.

So if you’re looking for podcasts that can also help you become a better coach and build your coaching business, look no further than our ultimate list of 60 life coaching podcasts.

In this life coaching resource, you’ll find a variety of podcasts, including interview-style shows and solo shows, that can help you on your own personal development journey.

4. Email templates to ask for a coaching testimonial

Testimonials are an amazing life coaching resource to help you get more clients. They show your potential clients that you’ve helped others achieve their goals!

But clients don’t always provide you with a testimonial without getting asked. In most cases, you have to be proactive if you want to gather really great testimonials.

Here’s a resource to help you ask for a coaching testimonial, including the exact email templates you can send your happy clients!

5. Best scheduling software for coaches

Let’s face it – back and forth emails to figure out the best time for a coaching session are a huge annoyance and waste of time. That’s why life coaches should use scheduling software to simplify their businesses and improve the client experience. 

Here’s a thorough resource to help you pick the best scheduling software specifically for a coaching business. You’ll find out what features to look for that makes sense for coaches and which software can provide those for you.

6. Coaching disclaimer templates

Coaching can make a tremendous difference in someone’s life. However, it’s not a magical solution that will fix everything for your client. They need to be willing to put in the effort to make a difference in their lives.

Coaches are also not medical professionals. Unless you do have a medical degree, you should consider using a coaching disclaimer with every new client you onboard.

We’ve prepped 3 ready-made coaching disclaimer templates that you can swipe and edit for your own business right away. Plus, this resource will teach you what to include in your disclaimer!

7. Life coaching insurance providers

Even if you use coaching disclaimers, you’re not 100% safe from potential lawsuits.

And even if you do everything right, some clients may not have the right impression of what a coach can do for them. This can cause some legal conflict.

Insurance can protect you in case of a lawsuit or in case your work equipment gets damaged. But shopping for life coach insurance is a confusing and exhausting process.

We’ve gathered up all the resources you need to choose the right life coach insurance for you, including examples of the top insurance providers in this field.

8. Coaching proposal template

Let’s say you’ve just had an amazing discovery session with a potential coaching client. They’re almost on board – now you just need to seal the deal with a convincing coaching proposal.

But what should you include in your proposal, and what mistakes do you need to avoid? 

In this life coaching resource, you’ll find a ready-made coaching proposal that you can adapt for any potential client. You’ll also learn what common pitfalls to avoid when you send your next proposal.

9. Free coaching assessment resources

It’s important to get insight from your clients and their life experience. Without a proper assessment of their needs, it will be difficult for you to meet them where they are and provide them with the coaching experience they really need.

That’s why you need these 9 free coaching assessment resources you can use every time you onboard a new coaching client.

10. Life coaching session template

So you’ve got a paying client – now what?

If you’re confused about how to conduct a life coaching session, don’t fear! Here’s a 6-step template to help you deliver a mind-blowing life coaching session to all of your clients.

11. Client-converting discovery questions

Before you book new clients, you’ll most likely have a discovery session with them. The questions you ask in this discovery session can make or break the relationship with this potential client.

Discovery questions also help you qualify potential clients. Not everyone will be a good fit for your life coaching services.

If you’re confused about what to ask a prospective client, here’s a resource with 9 client-converting questions you should ask in every discovery session.

12. Life coaching intake form questions

Discovery questions are important, but intake form questions matter just as much, if not more!

Intake form questions are designed to help you onboard a new coaching client. They help you establish where your clients are on their journey.

This resource will help you discover what questions to ask on your life coach intake form, while teaching you how to create one, even if you have zero tech skills.

13. Copywriting guide for life coaches

Copywriting is the process of selling your offering with words. 

As a coach, you need to juggle several hats, including the copywriting hat. But with this resource of best copywriting practices for life coaches, you’ll find it a lot easier to write your website, social media posts, emails, and more!

14. Life coaching forms

As a life coach, you’ll probably use more forms than you can count. 

Make sure you check out this master list of life coaching forms so that you can streamline your business and improve your clients’ experience with you.

15. Life coach bio examples

Stuck on writing your life coaching bio?

Your bio can help potential clients decide whether or not you’re a good fit for them, so they’re important to get right. That’s why we’ve gathered some of the best life coach bio examples to help you get inspired.

16. Brand strategy template

Do you have a brand strategy in place to help you grow your coaching business?

Not all coaches consider the importance of a solid brand strategy. It’s a daunting process, especially if you have no experience with creating a brand.

But you can steal this brand strategy template to help you understand your ideal client, create a powerful value proposition, and establish a strong brand mission those dream clients will resonate with!

17. Marketing guide for life coaches

If you have no idea where your next coaching client is coming from, you definitely need to implement marketing in your business.

You don’t need a degree in marketing to grow your life coaching business. Here’s our best resource to guide coaches through their marketing journey and help you book more clients.

18. Life coaching blogs

Whether you want inspiration to start your own blog or simply want to learn from other coaches, there are thousands upon thousands of life coaching blogs available online.

If you’re not sure where to start reading, we’ve gathered the best life coaching blogs that we can’t get enough of. Bookmark this for the next time you have a spare moment!

19. Life coaching quotes

Coming up with fresh content for your email marketing or social media posts can be difficult over time.

But you don’t have to constantly come up with your own content. Sharing life coaching quotes is another great way to engage your audience and inspire potential clients to take action.

Here are our 52 favorite insta-worthy life coaching quotes!

20. Top 6 coaching organizations

Life coaching, especially online, can feel lonely at times. Because of this, finding a community that you resonate with can help you build a sustainable business that is also good for your own mental health.

To help you build your own community, look into the top 6 coaching organizations  available across the world.

21. Life coaching certification programs

If you’re brand new to coaching and don’t know where to start, you should look into getting certified.

While there’s no obligation to get certified to become a life coach, certifications can help you level up your skill, while also giving you some credibility.

But with so many certifications to choose from, this process can be confusing! That’s why we’ve created this resource of the best life coaching programs that will get you certified in 12 months or less.

22. Binge-worthy coaching books

If you’re looking for books to add to your reading list, look no further than this list of the 12 best life coaching books this year. This list will help you sift through the thousands of choices available to you so that you can optimize that reading list!

23. Coaching models

Last but not least, if you need help figuring out what coaching model to use, we’ve created a resource gathering the most used coaching models.

These are the five most commonly-used (and most effective) coaching models that you can replicate in your own business to support your clients on their transformation journey.

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life coaching resources
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February 9, 2022

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