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Paperbell is the new online software tool that manages the “business side” of your coaching & consulting business. Payments, contracts, scheduling, & admin – all in one place.

14,131 (and counting!) coaches & consultants have signed up for Paperbell. Here’s what they have to say:

If you are looking to scale your coaching practice and you care about seamless customer experience and accountability for your coaching client, Paperbell is the right solution for you. It’s super easy to use, intuitive, clean, and minimalistic, but a huge difference in keeping a coaching practice organized and optimized.

Before Paperbell, I had to use multiple systems to keep the coaching operations productive. I’ve been looking for integrated solutions for a while. I was thrilled to discover Paperbell.

I highly recommend the tool to anyone offering coaching, mentoring, consulting, and similar professional services.

Svetlana D

I am using Paperbell to book in new clients to group and 1:1 coaching and this means I don’t need 3 or more different types of software as they handle diary management, payment processing and paying in instalments as well as giving my clients contracts at the start of us working together.

It does everything for me – schedules my coaching appointments (whether group or individual appointments) and collects the money – again this can be scheduled so clients can pay in instalments and I don’t have to worry about chasing them up.

But my favourite thing is how responsive Laura and the team are. They answer all queries personally and make you feel valued as a result.

Victoria C

I love Paperbell! It is definitely making my life easier.

Instead of manually reaching out to my clients at every stage, I’m able to accept payment, initiate scheduling, and send reminders automatically.

It gives me peace of mind to know that clients are being prompted and reminded, reducing my no-shows and completely removing me from the hassle of rescheduling.

Molly M

Paperbell helps automate a lot of pre-sale and onboarding tasks and reduces my time from inquiry to booking (not to mention helping me focus on the actual WORK I do and not just admin). I love the fact that Paperbell is so customizable in terms of the kinds of packages you can offer, payments, and scheduling. Laura and the team are super responsive and keep rolling out new features that make the software even better.

If you’re a coach or service provider who’s sick of scrambling to put out proposals, settle on a mutually agreeable meeting time with customers, or locate the same three onboarding docs every time you get a new client, Paperbell is for you. Paperbell automates many of the time consuming, nitty gritty tasks that are central to running your own business so that you can focus on doing what you love: helping clients get results.

Erin L

↑ “If you are ready for something that does a lot more things, I invite you to look at Paperbell. Paperbell is created the software specifically for coaches, so they can have all of the tools that they need within the same software. This software allows you to schedule stuff. It allows you to get documents, It allows you to manage your relationship with your clients.”

Ajit Nawalkha

Co-Founder, Evercoach

I love using Paperbell for scheduling. It is seamless to have my clients go from my sales or program page directly to Paperbell to purchase a package or schedule a free chat.

Renèe H

I just used Paperbell for the first time and it was so easy.

I sent a link through a DM and got paid immediately. Fricken’ genius!


So nice to have a single system to manage everything vs. different systems spread all over the place.

This tool is really ideal if you have a coaching business and I’ve already recommended it to several coaches I know who are doing things the manual way.

Henry E

I’d been waiting for a product like this for 5 years. I’ve been using Calendly, Gmail, Drip, and Square to coordinate my client process. I’ve now replaced all of that with Paperbell!

The backend is intuitive and has a clean design. Customer service is a breeze and friendly.

Natasha C

I don’t have to toggle between too many systems to organize scheduling, payments, and communication. Laura is incredibly receptive and responsive to any feedback and her team is actively working on improvements and implementing new features.

I like how easy it is to create an offer and set the calendar to my specific scheduling needs. I create my schedule around my menstrual cycle and family needs. Being able to set availability beyond syncing my calendar is the best feature for me, as I can create blocks of time in addition to alternating availability.

Melissa D

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I am loving Paperbell. Saves so much time on manual stuff I was doing before to onboard clients!

Abbey W

I appreciate you creating this product so much! I have been wanting to offer mentoring for a long time now, but I knew that the logistics side would be too time consuming.

John M

 I have really enjoyed the overall experience with Paperbell.

Customer support has been great and I appreciate that it is simple to set up and use, and integrates with all of my current processes to make running my business even easier than before Paperbell.

It saves me a ton of time by handling all payments and scheduling, eliminating the need to chase down unpaid invoices and removing me from the scheduling process.

Evan B

I love having switched to Paperbell for scheduling all my coaching calls with clients.

The interface is minimal and gorgeous – NO CONFUSION for the client! – and super easy for me to set-up. I especially love being able to create a biweekly schedule with ease.

Megan D

Most CRM tools out there are missing features coaches and consultants really need.

Paperbell understands the importance of combining the number of sessions included to packages, making it super easy for service providers to track how many sessions they have left with clients. Plus, there’s a feature that will remind your clients to book appointments if you haven’t seen them in 30 days!

You can automate sending forms before / after each session, making things a breeze for you! Paperbell recently released the option to add discounts on pay-in-full packages and I can’t think of any other app that does this!

Rae T

I was really surprised and happy with Paperbell! I’m thankful that I took the chance with them.

Paperbell provides everything that I need to run my coaching practice efficiently. It’s really simple to use, looks great, and has made this part of my work stress-free!

Jessica S

Set up was very easy, even for a non-tech person like me. I was especially pleased with how easy the integration was with my payment processor. 

After a new client call the other day they needed a custom plan with me. In minutes I designed it on Paperbell and had it to my prospect. So much quicker and easier than building a new webpage on WP.

Dan M

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payment, contract, scheduling, & admin coaching software

There’s no time limit, and you’ll have access to every feature. That includes scheduling, checkout, digital downloads, contract signing, and more.

Your account is totally free and unlimited through your first client, however long that takes.  And if you’d like to continue with Paperbell after that, it’s a very affordable $40/month.

* Free accounts are a limited time launch offer