Paperbell is the easiest way to sell coaching online – whether you’re an experienced coach, or you’re just getting started.

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Get your own little coaching shop, just like this one.

(It’s real! Give it a click to have an explore.)

Work from home
& earn online.

Online coaching is an incredible business – you work from home, on your own schedule, for as many or as few hours as you like. And Paperbell is all you need to hang up your online coaching shingle!

work from home

Everything you need, without the tech headaches. 

Your clients browse, buy and book on your Paperbell shop in one smooth process. No more churning out invoices, endless scheduling emails, or chasing up payments. It’s all handled with Paperbell.


Scheduling Software


Billing & Payments


Client Management

Create any kind of coaching package.

Paperbell was designed just for coaches, and that’s why you can offer every kind of package that clients love. 

  • Group Coaching
  • Subscription Packages
  • Free Discovery Calls
  • hOne-Off Sessions
  • iMulti-Session Packages
  • Payment Plans

I love Paperbell! It is definitely making my life easier.

Instead of manually reaching out to my clients at every stage, I’m able to accept payment, initiate scheduling, and send reminders automatically.

It gives me peace of mind to know that clients are being prompted and reminded, reducing my no-shows and completely removing me from the hassle of rescheduling.

Molly Marshall

Molly Marshall Marketing

I appreciate you creating this product so much! I have been wanting to offer mentoring for a long time now, but I knew that the logistics side would be too time consuming.

John Middick

Sharpened Artist

I was trying to find a setup to do scheduling and payment for coaching clients, and finding Paperbell made this all this very easy!

Evan Burk

Coach Evan Burk

I am loving Paperbell. Saves so much time on manual stuff I was doing before to onboard clients!

Abbey Woodcock

The Freelance Co-Op

I just used Paperbell for the first time and it was so easy.

I sent a link through a DM and got paid immediately. Fricken’ genius! 


Meet The Founder

Hi there, I’m Laura Roeder, the founder of Paperbell. You may also know me as one of the creators of MeetEdgar, LKR Social Media, or Marie Forleo’s B-School. I’m an American living in England with my husband Chris, little boy, and little girl. (No pets because we travel too much, but I’m a cat person for the record!)

I’ve been a full time business owner for more than 10 years, have bootstrapped several multi-million dollar companies, and spoken at The (Obama-era!) Whitehouse about entrepreneurship. My absolute passion is supporting entrepreneurs, and I can’t wait to help you grow your coaching business with Paperbell. Learn more here

Grow Your Monthly Income with Online Coaching

Your first client’s on us! Get a fully-featured Paperbell shop for free, and only pay when you add more clients.