July 14, 2024

The “Little Tool” That’s Paid Out Over Ten Million Dollars To Coaches This Year

I believe that you were not put on this earth to hassle your clients about late payments.

I suspect your calling isn’t so much about figuring out who owes what, but instead has a little something to do with creating massive transformation for your clients.

And that’s why you need to know about something new that lets coaches like you sell and deliver amazing offers for their clients WITHOUT all the time on admin and tech gruntwork.

It’s called Paperbell. In 2023, we processed $10,687,436.90 in payments to coaches just like you.

And here’s some more good news – by the end of this page you’ll have your own free account!

The Inside of Your Business Should be as Beautiful as the Outside

Coaching is the art of creating space for another human to become a better version of themselves. Whether you’re a life coach, diversity consultant or hiking coach, we’re all here doing the same work at the end of the day.

And yet too many coaching businesses have “insides” that don’t match their “outsides”. The way their businesses are run doesn’t live up to the excellence they’ve created with their client work.

I’m guessing that running your business is not always the “Marie Kondo’d” experience that you know it could be.

I believe that’s because other solutions out there are just WAY too difficult and complex, and/or they really weren’t designed for coaches. We’ve been stuck duct-taping a ton of tools together and being the overworked “monkey in the middle” for every last detail of our coaching business.

We end up spending our precious time sending “friendly reminders” to pay up, or to get that appointment on the calendar, or to finally sign the contract we sent three weeks ago.

For way too long, coaches have had two choices:
1) Do everything manually (womp womp)
2) Or use an insanely complicated tool that does a bunch of junk you don’t need, gives you a stomach ache every time you open it, and requires you to pay a consultant a small fortune just to get the thing set up!

As coaches, we’ve been forced to “figure it out” with overwhelming tools that weren’t designed for us.

No wonder our businesses can sometimes feel like a hot mess express!

Well . . . not anymore.

Paperbell is the Dead-Simple System That Takes Care of Appointment Scheduling, Taking Payments, Contract Signing, Intake Surveys, Client Admin and More

You are about to be shouting Hallelujah if:

🧐 You find yourself digging through your email and calendar like a crazed ferret just to figure out how many appointments you’ve done and how many are left.

🤓 You feel like you need an IT degree to do something that feels like it SHOULD be simple like make a page with your offer on it.

🙄 You feel more like a babysitter than a coach because of all the time you spend sending “friendly reminders” to your clients to do the most basic things like schedule their sessions.

😳 Your “system” for keeping notes on clients looks more like a series of encoded messages from a serial killer.

😒 You want prospects to just be able to sign up and get going without a bunch of back and forth on every little step.

🤔 You’re like Coachlock Holmes trying to find clues in all your notes and emails to figure out who needs what when.

😩 You procrastinate so much on all the boring administrivia of your business that you’re forced to dedicate a whole “catch up day” (please let it take only one day!) just to make your way through the pile.

😬 You waste precious time randomly searching through a bunch of different accounts trying to figure out who has paid and who still owes.

Any of this sounding familiar to you?? Well, don’t worry, I’m about to give you the solution!

Paperbell Is the All-in-One Software That Solves All the Problems of Running Your Coaching/Consulting Business

Warning: this next section is for the detail/research people.

(If that’s not you, just scroll to the bottom for your free account!)

Here are ALL the things Paperbell handles for your business. Yes, there are a lot!

📔 Scheduling

Let your clients schedule themselves, according to your ideal, time-blocked week. Plus, we have all the fancy features of standalone scheduling software like automatic time zone detection, Google Calendar invites, buffers between appointments, and not allowing last-minute bookings. (And don’t worry, you aren’t required to use this if you aren’t into letting clients self-schedule.)

🖥 Beautiful Landing Pages

Paperbell spins up a custom-branded landing page for each of your packages, where you can include any information that you like. You’ll also have a shop page with any packages that you want to include, so that potential and current clients can easily browse your offerings.

💳 Online Checkout

Clients give you a credit card; you give them a coaching package. The cool part is, we allow you to easily create and deliver all the types of packages that work best for coaches but can often be tricky to set up. I’m talking about payment plans, pay-in-full discounts, set-up fees, creating “mixed” packages that combine group and one-on-one, etc.

✍🏽 Contract Signing

Your clients can sign their contract as part of their online checkout and scheduling flow. This means you can stop manually writing up and sending over contracts! And you’ll never again be roadblocked by clients who procrastinate on signing. (Plus, you both have a signed copy to reference right inside Paperbell.)

👩🏻‍🎓 Group Coaching and Live Workshops

Paperbell takes all the logistics drama out of groups – simply choose the times and dates of your sessions and the max number of participants. You can even set an expiration date or bill using a payment plan.

🎁 Sell Digital Downloads or Include Them With Your Packages

Have a video series, ebook, spreadsheet, audio download or PDF to share with your clients? Paperbell lets you automatically include digital downloads with any type of coaching package, or sell them standalone to complement your services.

🔎 Free Discovery Sessions

If your process includes a free discovery session or sales call, Paperbell has that covered too. Your free clients will be onboarded into Paperbell, so that you can easily track them and sell paid packages to them in the future.

🗒 Surveys

Client surveys are integrated right into Paperbell and can be shown to your client when they first sign up, before an appointment, after an appointment or whenever makes sense in your coaching flow.

📚 Client Overview and Complete History

You’ll have access to detailed client profiles that include your notes as well as a complete history of purchases, past appointments, and how many appointments remain in their package. Imagine how much time you could save searching through your inbox and calendar!

💻 Video Call Integration

No more back-and-forth about how you’re doing the call. Each Paperbell meeting invitation automatically includes a clear and easy link so your clients know how to connect with you. You can integrate with Zoom, Skype, Google Meet or any other video meeting or conference line platform.

📬 Automated Messaging

Paperbell ends all of your manual client onboarding work, with customizable automated emails that fire upon purchase, before and after appointments, and when clients need a reminder to schedule any unused appointments.

💰 Sell Subscriptions and Payment Plans

Create predictable income by offering auto-billed ongoing month-to-month subscriptions or plans with a set number of monthly payments. This dramatically improves the “stick rate” of your clients by making it super easy for them to continue to pay and work with you, instead of having to reconsider and receive a new invoice every month.

✏️ Client Notes

Yes, stop the madness of jotting down notes on your phone, random notebooks, and the back of your kid’s homework! You now have ONE central place for each client. Plus you can choose which notes are shared with your client, and which ones are coach-eyes-only.

 ⚡️. . . And All Those Other Little Details a Coach or Consultant Needs!

In case you haven’t already been clobbered by this fact, we’re designed solely for the unique work done by coaches and consultants. That means we’ve thought of all those little details that are unique to how you work. For example, you can set your availability to only take discovery calls on Tuesdays, or to block off certain days or times for your highest level clients.

A Bit About Laura Roeder (That’s Me!), the Founder of Paperbell

laura laptop smile fullsizeOK I got a bit carried away telling you all about Paperbell and nothing about me! I’m Laura Roeder, the founder of Paperbell. You may have already used my social media marketing tool, MeetEdgar. Or maybe you’ve heard of the mega-popular online course I co-created, Marie Forleo’s B-School. I’ve been an online entrepreneur for more than a decade and have created training and software for tens of thousands (actually it must be 100,000+ at this point!) entrepreneurs.

AND I’m a business coach. That’s actually how I got the initial idea for Paperbell, to use for my own practice. (Though due to Paperbell taking off like a rocket, I’m retired from consulting for now!)

What Real Coaches & Consultants Have to Say About Paperbell

Paperbell helps all types of coaches & consultants, in all different niches. Some of our customers are earning multiple six figures, and some just have a few clients as a side hustle. Here’s what they have to say about us:

“Paperbell provides everything that I need to run my coaching practice efficiently. It’s really simple to use, looks great, and has made this part of my work stress-free!
– Jessica S

“It is simple to set up and use, and integrates with all of my current processes to make running my business even easier than before Paperbell. It saves me a ton of time by handling all payments and scheduling, eliminating the need to chase down unpaid invoices and removing me from the scheduling process.”
– Evan B

“I didn’t realize how much of a relief it would be to have all my client info in one place… one easy dashboard to see upcoming appointments, go through my notes… I really love Paperbell
– Daksha M

“So nice to have a single system to manage everything vs. different systems spread all over the place. This tool is really ideal if you have a coaching business and I’ve already recommended it to several coaches I know who are doing things the manual way.”
– Henry E 

I’d been waiting for a product like this for 5 years. I’ve been using Calendly, Gmail, Drip, and Square to coordinate my client process. I’ve now replaced all of that with Paperbell! The backend is intuitive and has a clean design. Customer service is a breeze and friendly.”
– Natasha C

“After a new client call the other day they needed a custom plan with me. In minutes I designed it on Paperbell and had it to my prospect. So much quicker and easier than building a new webpage on wordpress!”
– Dan M

“I’m so glad that Laura and her team decided to bring Paperbell to life. I feel so relieved that I can have a one stop-shop to be able to serve my clients better and streamline the scheduling process (even though it’s so much more than just scheduling).”
– Jennifer K

I Bet You’re Thinking . . .

Since I’ve chatted with hundreds of coaches & consultants about Paperbell, I have a pretty good idea of what you’re wondering about at this point! Here are some of the most common questions we get:

How does pricing work?

We charge a low flat fee of $57/mo if you choose our monthly option or what works out to $47.50/mo for the yearly option. Paperbell integrates with either Stripe or Paypal to process your transactions, and we don’t charge any kind of additional transaction fee. Paperbell pays for itself with just one client.

Can I see a live example?

Yes, go ahead and book an example session here (don’t worry, it’s not real and no one will actually show up to the event).

Is this going to be easy for my clients? Will they have to register for a Paperbell account?

We have designed Paperbell to be a simple, enjoyable experience for both coaches and their clients. To keep things super easy for your clients, we don’t even require them to register with Paperbell. They just enter their email address and we automatically create a protected client portal for them so that they can schedule appointments, buy more packages, fill out your surveys or access their history. (And don’t worry, we use our tech magic so make sure it is all secure and can’t be accessed by anyone else.)

I already use a calendar tool, how is this any better?

Paperbell handles your scheduling and payments in one place, as well as your entire client process, like contract signing, onboarding emails, and filling out surveys. Currently, you may be doing all of these things in different places and have a jumbled mess of information that’s hard to keep track of. Imagine how much simpler it would be if you could log into one place and see all of your clients, payments, contracts and appointments.

Can I sell ongoing sessions-per-month subscriptions?

Yes! Paperbell will automatically charge your client each month, without needing their payment info again, and allot them the correct amount of sessions to schedule. Either you or your client can cancel the subscription any time. (Clients cannot self-cancel payment plans which are for a finite number of payments.)

I don’t like to ask my clients to schedule themselves, can I schedule for them?

Yes, in Paperbell it’s no problem for your clients to skip the self-scheduling. You can schedule for them, right inside Paperbell.

How does Paperbell pay for itself?

Paperbell ensures that you never miss a payment again. Your payment plans and subscriptions will be charged to your client’s card automatically. And when you use Paperbell, your payment and scheduling are tied together in one checkout experience for your clients. So there simply isn’t a way to get on your calendar without payment first. (Except if you would like to offer free sessions, of course!)

Is this a good fit for newbies?

We see a good mix of those who are just getting started, and those who have an established practice. The established ones have often experienced first-hand all the problems that we solve, and the new ones are wise enough to decide to avoid those problems in the first place!

How much time will it take to get set up?

Unlike other tools out there, Paperbell is truly easy to set up yourself with no outside help, even if you definitely would not call yourself a “techie”. You won’t need a consultant or VA to help, and you can get your account up and running in under one hour. Our customer service team is North America-based, super responsive, and incredibly knowledgeable. Send us an email and you will get a fast, friendly and thorough reply! We do not outsource our customer service.

You Don’t Even Need to Enter Your Credit Card Info to Get a Free Paperbell Account, and Here’s Why

If you’re a coach or consultant who doesn’t already have a flawlessly organized business, I want you to leave this page with a free account.

Our free accounts include 100% of the features above and do not require a credit card.

Why don’t we ask for a card? Because I know that you’ve probably never used a tool like Paperbell before. We are creating something new here, and I don’t want you to have any concerns about wasting your time or money on something that isn’t a fit for you.

So we came up with a pretty great solution: set up your Paperbell account for free, all features included, no time limit.

Your free account lasts through your first client. After that first client comes through, we’ll ask you to choose either our monthly or yearly unlimited plan. It’s called the unlimited plan because it really is unlimited: unlimited clients, unlimited packages, unlimited contracts. You won’t have to pay a dime more as your business grows.

Next Steps

Setting up your free account is super easy, just click here to fill out the short form. (Again, we won’t even ask you for a credit card, and there’s no time limit on the free account.) Once you’re inside Paperbell, you’ll find a quick checklist of just 4 steps to get up and running.

That’s it! I know that you’ll LOVE how elegant and organized your entire coaching business will be using Paperbell.

If you’re anything like me, you have 15 other tabs open right now, so please do yourself a favor and sign up for the free account now.

It really only takes a minute, and you can do the setup later when you have time (remember, your free account has no expiration date).

These Free Accounts Are Only Available for a Limited Time

As I’m sure you’ve seen, it’s very unusual for a software company to offer a free account without asking for a credit card, and it’s even more unusual not to limit the trial to a certain time frame, like 7 days.

I know you’re a business owner too, so I won’t hide that this is definitely an experiment for us.

This may be the best way to get coaches using Paperbell, or it may not! So even if you aren’t sure if you’re ready for Paperbell yet, please take advantage of this offer and grab your free account today. You can keep it for as long as you like and set it up whenever you’re ready.

If you have any questions about Paperbell, we’d love to answer them! You can email us anytime at hello@paperbell.com

* Free accounts are a special offer
Questions? Contact us at hello@paperbell.com