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Laura Roeder, Founder

I believe that you were put on this earth to do more than send out payment reminder emails.

I’m Laura Roeder, the founder of Paperbell. (Yes, we are a woman-owned business and proud of it!)

I’m also a business coach, and I think I know why you started coaching. You love getting IN IT with your clients. You love witnessing their transformation first-hand. 

You didn’t become a coach because your passion in life is figuring out time zone converters.

And that’s why I created Paperbell – to free up your time to focus on the work that you were put here to do. To make you fall back in love with your coaching business!

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“Paperbell saves me a ton of time by handling all payments, eliminating the need to chase down unpaid invoices, and removing me from the scheduling process.”

– Evan Burke, Health Coach

No More Chasing Invoices

With Paperbell, you won’t need to issue invoices at all – your clients go directly to online payment. There’s no more chasing overdue payments or figuring out who has paid and who hasn’t. If they’re your client, you’ll know they’ve paid. Simple. 

Clients Schedule Themselves

No more endless emails back and forth, no more time zone drama. Your client schedules themself based on your ideal availability. (Or, you can always schedule for them.) They’ll automatically see your calendar in their own time zone, and it’s all fully integrated with Google Calendar. 

Sell Any Kind of Package

Group coaching? All-day intensives? Four-session packages? A little of each? With Paperbell you can instantly spin up integrated landing pages, checkouts, follow-up messaging and appointment scheduling for any kind of coaching package you can dream up.

Here’s How It Works

Paperbell is online, subscription-based software. There are no commitments and you can self-cancel in the app anytime. The interface is simple, elegant and easy to use. It works beautifully on desktop and all mobile devices. We proudly integrate with:

Client Contracts in A Click

Do your clients procrastinate on contract signing? Not anymore! With Paperbell, your contract is right alongside scheduling and payment in one seamless checkout and client onboarding process. No more waiting or back-and-forth, your clients sign when they pay.

One Place For Client Information & History

A clean, clear list of all of your clients, their entire purchase history, and all previous and upcoming appointments. You can also see a summary of how much they’ve spent with you, and keep your own notes of any kind.  

Offer Payment Plans and Ongoing Subscriptions

Get out of the “feast or famine” cycle with forecastable recurring revenue in your coaching business. It’s super simple to set up, with payments and scheduling fully integrated. 

Sell Digital Downloads

Have an ebook, resource or PDF to share with your clients? Paperbell lets you automatically include digital downloads with any type of coaching package, or sell them standalone to complement your services.

Track Where Your Money Comes From

Easily see how much total revenue each package type has earned you over time. You can also track the total earnings from each client to see who should get that special gift you’re sending out.

Surveys, Reminders & Little Extras

We’ve thought of all those “little things” you need to make your coaching business tick. Client questionnaires, custom appointment reminders, client notes, you name it! If you need it to run your coaching business, we’ve got it inside Paperbell.

I love Paperbell! It is definitely making my life easier.

Instead of manually reaching out to my clients at every stage, I’m able to accept payment, initiate scheduling, and send reminders automatically.

It gives me peace of mind to know that clients are being prompted and reminded, reducing my no-shows and completely removing me from the hassle of rescheduling.

Molly Marshall

Molly Marshall Marketing

I appreciate you creating this product so much! I have been wanting to offer mentoring for a long time now, but I knew that the logistics side would be too time consuming.

John Middick

Sharpened Artist

I love using Paperbell for scheduling. It is seamless to have my clients go from my sales or program page directly to Paperbell to purchase a package or schedule a free chat.

Renèe Hughes

The Aromaspecialist

I am loving Paperbell. Saves so much time on manual stuff I was doing before to onboard clients!

Abbey Woodcock

The Freelance Co-Op

I just used Paperbell for the first time and it was so easy.

I sent a link through a DM and got paid immediately. Fricken’ genius! 



Free Account, No Credit Card Required

payments, contracts, scheduling, & admin software for coaches

There’s no time limit, and you’ll have access to every feature. That includes scheduling, checkout, digital downloads, contract signing, and more.

Your account is totally free and unlimited through your first client, however long that takes.  And if you’d like to continue with Paperbell after that, it’s a very affordable $40/month.

* Free accounts are a limited time launch offer