I’m Laura Roeder. I founded Paperbell with my husband Chris in 2020.

I quit my first and only job in 2007 to become an entrepreneur and I haven’t looked back since! I’ve been a web designer, online business consultant, course creator, and software creator. I’m also a founder of MeetEdgar, LKR Social Media (my social media course business – it’s defunct now but you can still take one of our most popular courses here), and Marie Forleo’s B-School.

Over the years I’ve grown multiple businesses to over 8 figures in revenue, all while working from home and maintaining a flexible lifestyle. (I looove travel, I think the favourite country I’ve visited is probably a tie between India and Indonesia.)

You can watch the speech I gave at The White House, or this one from Converted, or just google “Laura Roeder podcast” to hear me on a million of those.

Here are a few facts to get to know me better:

  • My husband and I met in February and got married in November of that same year. Sometimes when you know, you know!
  • I’m originally from Austin, Texas but now live in Brighton, England. Yes, my kids have British accents and yes, it is ADORABLE.
  • I absolutely love reading memoirs and read 20+ per year. My favourites are stories of religious sects.
  • I’ve spent time as a digital nomad (travelling full-time) and met my husband whilst traveling in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • My hobby is my work, I love what I do!

You can follow me on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Medium.

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