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Can I sell digital downloads?

Looking to deliver an online course or content delivered over time? Here’s how to do that.

Here’s how to sell just a digital download with no appointments on Paperbell.

First, turn off any kind of appointment in your package by toggling off the appointment section. Like this:

disable appointments

Next, upload your files using the “Content” section of your package.

How do my clients find their downloads?

In the “Content” section in your client’s Paperbell login. (They can go to app.paperbell.com/client to log in.) If you haven’t shared any files they won’t see this tab.

If they have purchased multiple packages with files, they’ll see the files listed under the packages. Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like when they have purchased two different packages with files:

Client view content

We recommend including a note to remind clients to download their files in your automatic purchase email for your package.

What happens if I add a file after the client purchases?

It will be automatically shared to all clients who have ever purchased the package. Nice! Note that your clients won’t receive a notification message, so if you’ve added something new that you want your clients to check out, make sure to let them know to go to app.paperbell.com/client

What happens if I delete a file?

It will automatically disappear from the Shared Files section of all clients who have ever purchased the package.

What kinds of files can I share?

You can share ANY kind of file except for zip files and videos. (We have a different way to share videos.) Audio files yes, graphic files yes, powerpoints yes, spreadsheets yes, everything else YES! The maximum file size is 256MB.

Can I include digital downloads with a coaching package with appointments?

Yes! You can include digital downloads with any other kind of coaching package.

Do you have suggestions for what to include?

If you need ready-made resources we’d suggest checking out the Coaching Tools Megapack.

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