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How do I sync more than one calendar to Paperbell?

Choose which calendars to sync in your Calendar settings.

When you check the box to sync a calendar, Paperbell will pull your “busy” times from that calendar and not allow your clients to book conflicting calls.

How can I sync from more than one separate Google account?

Paperbell only lets you sync with one Google account, but what if you need to pull availability from more than one?

No problem! Just share your other calendars with your primary Google account.

To do this, first open up Google calendar in your secondary account, find the calendar you want to sync and click on “Settings and sharing”.

Next, scroll down to “Share with specific people” and click “Add people.” Add your primary Google account that you’ve synced with Paperbell.

You’ll receive an email letting you know the calendar has been shared. Inside the email click “Add this calendar.”

Once you’ve added that calendar to your primary account, you’ll see it show up as one of your “Sync” options inside Paperbell. Click the revolving arrows in the upper right corner to refresh the connection.

Note that you can only have one “published” calendar where your appointments show up. If you need the events shared with more than one provider, you can either share that published calendar or use separate Paperbell accounts for each provider.

What about Outlook and iCal?

Check out our article on how to set that up right here!

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