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ICF (International Coaching Federation) Client Coaching Log

Need to generate a client coaching log for your International Coaching Federation ACC, MCC or PCC application?

Paperbell has got you covered! We automatically generate a log of every paid and pro-bono hour spent coaching clients.

To access your automatically generated CSV report, click on your icon on the top-right side of Paperbell then click “ICF Client Coaching Log.”

Download a CSV Spreadsheet of Your ICF Client Coaching Log

Go to your ICF Client Coaching Log and click the “Export CSV” button. This will automatically start a download of your entire client history of coaching hours from Paperbell.

Can I add my existing ICF hours to this log?

There’s not a way to add non-Paperbell logged hours to your log in Paperbell, but you can export (see above!) this log and then add any additional hours to the file manually. 🙂

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