How To Go Viral on Youtube and Turn Views into Coaching Clients

how to go viral on youtube

The YouTube algorithm is a mysterious beast. A creator can have close to zero views and suddenly get hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of video views overnight.

This is called going viral.

But how does a YouTube video go viral in the first place? And how can you leverage YouTube to go viral and attract your dream coaching clients?

Keep reading to discover:

  • How many views do you need to go viral on YouTube?
  • What do viral YouTube videos have in common?
  • How to go viral on YouTube as a coach
  • How to turn video views into coaching clients

How Many Views Do You Need to Go Viral on Youtube?

One of the most common questions asked by aspiring YouTube creators is how many views are needed to go viral. 

In other words, what does “viral” really mean?

While there is no definitive answer, going viral generally refers to a video that receives a significant amount of attention and engagement within a short period of time – especially when compared to that user’s previous video engagement. 

It’s important to remember that the number of views alone doesn’t determine whether a video has gone viral or not. Instead, the combination of views, comments, likes, and shares contributes to its viral status. 

For example, a YouTube creator typically gets an average of 5,000 to 10,000 views on every video they upload. If they were to publish a video and immediately receive 100,000+ views, that would be considered viral.


Because that’s ten times the usual view rate. That’s indicative that something happened and that the YouTube algorithm pushed this video to more people than usual.

Here’s an example from a mindset and spirituality coach on YouTube: Aaron Doughty. If you look at his videos from 8 months ago, most averaged anywhere from 12k views to 65k views.

Suddenly, two of his videos got 511k views and 681k views, respectively.

how to go viral on youtube

While some coaches go viral once and can’t keep up the views, others can keep the attention of their new viewers in the long run. In the example above, Aaron’s average view count quickly increased to 100k-200k after his two viral videos.

If you scroll through Aaron’s entire YouTube catalog, you’ll notice he frequently gets viral videos. Every once in a while, he’ll have a video that vastly outperforms another.

How is he able to do this? Does he somehow have an inside view of the YouTube algorithm that no other coach can see?


The reality is that Aaron is extremely consistent with his video content on YouTube. He posts a new video at least once per day – and has been doing this for years upon years.

When you’re as consistent as Aaron has been with your own coaching content, you’re not only increasing your chances of going viral… you’re also increasing your chances of growing your channel, period!

When it comes to viral videos, the journey to success can be unpredictable. Some videos explode in popularity overnight, while others slowly gain traction over time. It’s a combination of factors that contribute to a video’s viral potential.

So even if you never go viral, posting consistently with content that your dream clients love will help you grow your coaching business, period.

Lastly, luck and timing are factors that cannot be controlled. Sometimes, a video goes viral simply because it struck a chord with the right audience at the right time. 

While you can’t rely solely on luck, creating high-quality content and implementing effective marketing strategies will increase your chances of going viral.

What Do Viral Youtube Videos Have In Common?

If you’re trying to figure out how to make a video go viral on YouTube, it’s important to look at what viral YouTube videos have in common.

Although there is no guaranteed formula for creating a viral YouTube video, viral videos often share certain characteristics.

First of all, how long does it take for a video to go viral on YouTube? There’s no definitive answer. 

I’ve seen videos go viral the same day they were published, while others went viral years after being published. So there’s no common thread there.

One common trait is having a strong emotional impact on viewers. Whether humor, inspiration, or shock value, evoking strong emotions can help your video spread like wildfire.

For instance, let’s look at the best life coaches on YouTube and see if any of their content stands out as viral.

One perfect example is Mel Robbins. While most of her video views stay under 12k, here’s one video that got 75k views in only 8 days:

how to go viral on youtube

Notice any strong emotions being used here?

Overwhelm. Not being able to function. Feeling inadequate because you can’t get the little things done in your home.

These are all extremely touchy topics that many people deal with. In fact, this video didn’t just go viral on YouTube – a mind-blowing segment of this podcast episode went viral on Mel’s TikTok account, too!

how to go viral on youtube

It’s a clip of Mel and her guest, best-selling author, and therapist KC Davis, talking about how parents agree to provide clean clothes for their families – but they don’t agree to NEVER have dirty clothes.

You can imagine how this struck a chord with so many people. 

What are some other examples of emotional reactions a viral video can provide?

Well, a viral video that evokes humor can instantly brighten someone’s day and provide a much-needed escape from the stresses of everyday life. It can make people laugh out loud, share it with their friends, and leave them wanting more. 

Similarly, viral videos that inspire viewers can profoundly impact their lives. Whether it’s a heartwarming story of triumph over adversity or a motivational speech that encourages people to chase their dreams, these videos have the ability to uplift and empower individuals. 

They can serve as a source of inspiration, reminding viewers that anything is possible and encouraging them to take action in their own lives.

The above is especially powerful for coaches.

On the other hand, viral videos that shock or surprise viewers can also generate a strong emotional response. These videos often feature unexpected twists, jaw-dropping stunts, or shocking revelations that leave viewers in awe. 

The element of surprise grabs their attention and keeps them hooked, prompting them to share the video with others to witness the same shock and amazement.

Another characteristic of viral videos is their unique and shareable content. Creating something that stands out from the crowd and sparks conversations can significantly increase its chances of going viral. This could be a unique perspective, a fresh take on a popular topic, or even a surprising twist.

Think back to Mel Robbin’s episode with KC Davis. Because the topic is so relatable and emotionally poignant, people who watch it are likely to want to share it with their loved ones so they can get the same epiphanies.

But that’s not all. Viral videos can also leverage popular trends or current events to capture the attention of a wide audience. 

These videos become relevant and relatable by tapping into what people are already talking about, increasing their chances of being shared. 

Whether it’s a dance challenge, a parody of a popular song, or a satirical take on a recent news story, incorporating trending topics into the video can help it gain traction and go viral.

How To Go Viral on YouTube as a Coach

Wondering exactly how to make a viral YouTube video ASAP?

As a coach, you have a unique advantage when it comes to creating viral content on YouTube. Your expertise and insights can be invaluable to your target audience, and delivering that knowledge in an engaging way can help you stand out from the competition.

So, let’s cover some ways you can leverage your unique strengths as a coach to make your videos go viral – and attract tons of dream clients to your digital door!

1. Address common pain points

One strategy to consider is creating tutorial videos that address common pain points or challenges faced by your potential coaching clients. 

By offering valuable solutions and actionable advice, you can establish yourself as an authority in your niche and attract viewers who are eager to learn more.

In these tutorial videos, it’s important to provide step-by-step instructions and explain the reasoning behind each action. This will help your viewers understand the principles and concepts behind your coaching methods, making them more likely to apply your teachings in their own lives. 

For example, if you’re a fitness coach creating a tutorial on proper squat form, you can explain the biomechanics of the movement and the benefits of the correct technique. This level of detail will educate your audience and showcase your expertise and credibility.

2. Share awesome client stories

Another effective approach is to share client success stories and testimonials. People are often drawn to real-life stories of transformation, and showcasing the positive outcomes your coaching has had on clients can inspire others to seek your services. 

When creating these videos, be sure to highlight the specific challenges your clients faced and how your coaching helped them overcome those obstacles. This will make the stories more relatable and demonstrate the tangible results that can be achieved through your coaching.

3. Partner with other experts

Consider incorporating interviews with industry experts or guest appearances from influential figures in your field. 

This can add more credibility to your content and attract a wider audience. You’ll also tap into that person’s existing audience.

By featuring well-known personalities or respected authorities from your coaching niche, you can tap into their existing fan base and gain exposure to new viewers who may be interested in your coaching services.

4. Create eye-catching thumbnails and intriguing titles

When YouTube recommends your videos in people’s feeds, the only thing that will make people click is your thumbnail and title.

That means you can’t put all your focus on the content of your video alone. You also need to consider what makes people click on certain videos carefully.

Look at your title – does it make sense on its own, and does it make people want to click? If you’re struggling to come up with a stronger title, consider using AI to give you some suggestions!

Here’s a quick prompt I gave ChatGPT as an example for a fictional coaching video:

how to go viral on youtube

The more information you give your AI tool about your video, the more relevant and interesting the title will be. 

But what about the thumbnail? If you’re not a talented designer, consider using Canva templates as a starting point. Here are some best practices for eye-catching thumbnails:

  • Add text that’s attention-grabbing but different from the title
  • Use contrasting colors that fit with your coaching brand
  • Feature your face in your thumbnail

Finally, be creative! Try different approaches to see what sticks with your audience

5. Share clips across other platforms

Lastly, don’t forget to promote your YouTube channel and videos across your other social media platforms, website, and email newsletters. 

YouTube likes to recommend videos that are naturally getting lots of traction. So, the more interest you can garner around your video, the better your chances of going viral.

Encourage your followers and clients to share your content with their networks, and consider collaborating with other coaches or influencers in complementary niches to expand your reach.

Finally, consider repurposing your videos for short-form platforms such as TikTok as well as Facebook and Instagram Reels. If people find your short-form video interesting, they may want to watch the full-length version on YouTube.

Remember Mel Robbins’ viral TikTok video with 2 million views? This likely influenced the high view count on the full-length YouTube video.

How To Turn Video Views Into Coaching Clients

Once you have successfully gone viral on YouTube and accumulated a substantial number of views, it’s crucial to capitalize on that momentum and convert those viewers into coaching clients!

Ideally, you should set up your YouTube channel to be ready to generate leads before you try to go viral. Follow these tips to turn your viral YouTube videos into a lead-generation machine that gets you new coaching clients!

1. Call your viewers to action

Make sure to include a clear call-to-action in your videos. Whether it’s directing viewers to visit your website, subscribe to your email list, or book a discovery call, providing a next step will ensure that interested viewers know how to take the next step towards working with you.

But let’s dive deeper into the importance of a clear call to action. When viewers watch your video, they are captivated by your content and may be inspired to take action. 

By explicitly telling them what to do next, you eliminate any confusion or uncertainty they may have. 

This can significantly increase the chances of them becoming your coaching clients.

Let’s look at High Impact Club Parenting Education as an example. In her videos, this coach always includes several calls to action.

A link to apply for coaching pops up at the end of the video. But she also has a link in the description of her videos.

how to go viral on youtube

2. Engage with viewers

Another strategy is to leverage the power of engagement! As your video gains traction, make sure to monitor and respond to comments and engage with your audience. This can include answering questions people have.

You’ll show them you’re a real person who cares what others have to say. 

When potential clients see meaningful interactions and positive feedback, it can increase their trust in you as a coach and motivate them to reach out for your services.

This tip comes with a huge caveat – when a video goes viral, you’ll undoubtedly come across people who aren’t part of your ideal audience. This can lead to trolls leaving upsetting comments.

Do not engage with the trolls. That’s what they’re looking for. Plus, they’ll likely never become your client!

Instead, focus your energy on the comments from genuine viewers who engage in good faith.

3. Turn your YouTube channel into a marketing funnel

Most people who find you via a viral video – or any content, for that matter – won’t become a coaching client right away. And that makes sense. They just met you!

That’s where marketing comes into play.

The best way to keep them in your world and slowly nurture them until they’re ready to take action is to treat your YouTube channel like a coaching marketing funnel.

Here are some ways you can leverage the platform to create your own coaching funnel:

  • Create videos for all stages of the journey: problem-aware, problem-unaware, and solution-aware
  • Organize videos into playlists based on ideal outcomes or specific pain points
  • Capture contact information by offering a lead magnet as a call to action
  •  Add a welcome video to your channel to guide newcomers into your world
  • Use YouTube cards to link to the most logical next step in their journey (another video, a lead magnet, or a free session with you)

Finally, be consistent with your uploads. As people subscribe, they’ll start expecting more of your content. And if you fall off the wagon, you’ll lose the momentum you’ll have built up, and the people in your funnel will drop off!

Use YouTube Virality to Grow Your Coaching Business

Going viral on YouTube can be a game-changer for coaches seeking new clients. By creating engaging and shareable content, leveraging your expertise, and adding a clear call-to-action, you can turn those views into coaching opportunities.

However, it’s important to remember that viral success is not solely defined by the number of views. The impact your videos have on your audience is what truly matters. 

So, focus on creating valuable content that resonates with your viewers and provides them with actionable insights.

By consistently delivering high-quality videos that address your target audience’s pain points and challenges, you position yourself as an authority in your niche. This establishes trust and credibility, making it easier for viewers to see the value in your coaching services.

So, don’t just aim for viral views. Aim for meaningful connections and transformations. 

Your videos have the potential to inspire, educate, and empower your viewers, ultimately leading them to seek your guidance as a coach!Want to streamline the admin side of your coaching business to give yourself more time to create awesome videos for YouTube? Paperbell is the crazy-simple way to sell your coaching online.Grab your free account to try it out for yourself!

how to go viral on youtube

By Charlene Boutin
Charlene is an email marketing and content strategy coach for small business owners and freelancers. Over the past 5 years, she has helped and coached 50+ small business owners to increase their traffic with blog content and grow their email subscribers.
September 25, 2023

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