Here’s How to Come up with a Memorable Consulting Business Name (plus, Tons of Examples!)

consulting business names

So you want to start a consulting business, and you’ve got the momentum to get it going. If you’re like many new business owners, you may get stumped on how to name your new consulting business.

A name is the first impression people will get from your business. So it shouldn’t be picked lightly. But it’s also easy to overthink it and spend way too much time bogged down on this one detail.

Let’s explore the best ways to come up with solid consulting names so you can start building your empire.

consulting business names

Best Practices When Coming up with Ideas for Consulting Business Names

Your consulting name shouldn’t be a random name that sounds good. It should be purpose-driven and communicate the right idea to your potential clients. Here are 10 of the best practices to keep in mind when you’re developing that business name.

1. Avoid using geography in your name

At first, adding an indication of geography in your consulting name can sound like a great idea — Anaheim Consulting, London Management Group, etc.

People will know where to find you. Your name may come up when people search online for a consulting firm in their area. 

That’s all great, but choosing a geography-based name limits your reach. If you want to expand your reach to other cities or even go international, that type of name won’t be as powerful. 

If you choose to go the geography route, think about what this means for the future of your business. But if you’re certain that you’ll always be based in the same area and won’t want to expand, it could be a good solution for you.

Of course, there are some exceptions to this rule. When you look at the top consulting firms in North America, The Boston Consulting Group stands out near the top. But if you look at the other names of the top consulting firms — Deloitte, Bain & Company, Blue Matter Consulting — the majority of them aren’t tied down to a geographical location. 

2. Make it easy to pronounce and remember

A good consulting name should be memorable. But for a name to be memorable, it needs to be:

  • Short enough to be simple and snappy
  • Easy to pronounce
  • Easy to spell 

Just consider the names of tech giants like Google or Apple. They’re short enough for most people to be able to remember them easily. They’re also easy to spell and pronounce. 

Some existing consulting companies that use short and catchy names include:

  • Accenture
  • Blue Matter Consulting
  • LeapPoint
  • DayBlink Consulting

If you come up with overly drawn-out names from your brainstorming sessions, look at what you have and see how you could cut it down. Sometimes it’s as simple as joining two words — just like Accenture did — or choosing simpler alternatives with the same meaning. Imagine if LeapPoint had been named CrossOver Juncture! 

3. Think about your niche

Unless you have the budget to launch a huge consulting firm that covers everything under the sun, you’ll have to choose a niche

Your niche will depend on your experience and what you can bring to the table. For example, it wouldn’t make sense to start an IT consulting firm if you don’t have any experience in IT. But if you’ve spent several years working in HR, then HR consulting could become your niche.

Your name can help communicate your niche unless you plan to expand to other niches in the future.

Some examples of real consulting firms that communicate their niche include:

  • Baker HR
  • HR Resolutions
  • Cascade Environmental

4. Develop your mission statement first

If you’re struggling to come up with a business name first, consider starting with your mission statement instead. 

A mission statement doesn’t have to be as short and punchy as a name, so you have more space to be creative. It will also decide on the ethos of your business. If businesses have a soul, the mission statement would be it. 

You’ll probably get more ideas for a name that makes sense once you’ve already established your mission statement. Once you have something you’re happy with, go back to the drawing board and think of names that communicate the feeling behind that mission statement.

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5. Make your name feel positive

When people read or hear your consulting name, what feeling comes to mind?

Ultimately, your consulting business will help other businesses overcome their challenges and get closer to where they want to be. Your name should communicate that positive feeling. 

It’s possible to have a brand name with a negative connotation and still be successful. Think of names like Slack, Poison perfume, or Urban Decay makeup. But choosing a name like this takes a lot more thought — and ultimately, it takes guts to take that leap. 

When in doubt, choose a name with a positive connotation. Consulting brand names like Leap, AccountAbility, and Human Innovation carry an air of positivity and trust. It helps to give potential clients that positive feeling when they first hear about you.

6. Steer clear from trends

Trendy names can work extremely well… in the short term. Because trends get searched more, you’ll be found more easily online using trends in your name.

But trends don’t age well. Your name will quickly feel gimmicky and outdated if you rely on a trend to give it its power. 

For instance, there was a trend a few years ago with companies taking vowels out of words to sound more unique. Or some business owners may be tempted to use memes to make their names more catchy. This will almost always backfire.

7. Use a name generator to guide your brainstorming — but tweak the final result

Consulting business name generators are a great tool you can use to power up your brainstorming sessions. All you need to do is enter a keyword and let the engine do its work.

While this can generate a large volume of names, not all of them will be winners. And even those that are shouldn’t necessarily be chosen without some edits first. Some names may sound good but don’t necessarily communicate your mission statement. Other names may be already taken. 

Treat name generators as a tool and not as a replacement for finding consulting names.

8. Avoid acronyms 

Take a look at the top consulting firms in the world, and you’ll find many that use acronyms. KPGM or PwC are two great examples.

So why should you avoid them? Consider that these consulting companies have established their brands over several decades. But acronyms and abbreviations don’t have much life of their own. They suck the meaning right out of your brand because people will rarely use the complete name. 

And in a world where the barrier to entry keeps getting lower, you know you’ll have plenty of competition to worry about. It’s very difficult to stand out when you use acronyms in your name. Instead, keep it short enough that you don’t need acronyms or abbreviations at all.

9. Think about your unique value proposition

One of the best ways to come up with a name is to find something that communicates your UVP (unique value proposition). A UVP is a key part of your brand strategy — it establishes exactly how you’re different from all your competitors!

That’s why a UVP can work well for a name. Right when a potential client reads your consulting business name, they’ll get a sense of how they can get value from working with you.

Some examples of consulting businesses that use this method include:

  • Clean harbors inc
  • Clean Earth
  • Accelerating Experience
  • Enterprise Learning

Just make sure not to get sucked into an overly-long name just to get your UVP across. Use your UVP to inspire, and not necessarily lay out, your exact name.

10. Verify domain names and trademarks before finalizing your decision

Did you land on a consulting name that you like? Before you fall in love, make sure to check if you’re able to use this name at all.

There are two main checks you should do: domain names and trademarks. Even if there are no business names identical to your new idea, maybe someone has taken the domain already. Or maybe there’s a trademark under that same name. To ensure you are not infringing on any existing trademarks, refer to this trademark research guide by HeerLaw to conduct a proper and thorough search. Once you’ve settled on a consulting business name aligning with your ethos and market, exploring domains available for sale is the next critical step. Embarking on this journey ensures that your digital presence is as strong and compelling as your brand’s mission statement.

Keep in mind that searching for the name on Google won’t necessarily let you know if the domain name is available, especially if you’re on the hunt for a domain name. Some people purchase domain names but don’t publish websites on them right away. You can search for your potential domain name on Namecheap or other domain sellers to put your mind to rest.

Should You Just Use Your Own Name?

Many consultants use their own full name for their consulting business. You can combine your full name with a “business ending.” For example:

  • Atunde Adjuah Consulting
  • Charlotte Shah Limited
  • Felicity Breadwidth-Killigan Worldwide
  • George Jiminez LLC
  • Gemini Williams & Associates

Another strategy is to combine your name with your topic of specialty. Some examples of that:

  • Leslie McGibbon IT 
  • Laura Yu Executive Consulting
  • Kaneisha Spencer Marketing 
  • Lucia Lopez Financial Services
  • Lars Karlsson Human Resources

Examples of Good Consulting Business Names

Now you know how to craft your own unique consulting business name. But it’s tough to start from scratch! Here are some niche-specific ideas to help inspire your search.

IT consulting business names

  • Integrity IT
  • Turbo Consulting
  • Tech Mojo
  • Linkforce
  • Catalyst Consulting

Business consulting business names

  • Flexarise
  • Venture Group
  • Activate Management
  • Synergy Network
  • Dare Consulting

Image consulting business names

  • Axis Image
  • Angle Consulting
  • Aperture Consulting
  • Image Allure
  • Reputengine

HR consulting business names

  • Human Pathway
  • Bonsai People
  • Lotus Advisors
  • Harmony HR
  • United Impact

Environmental consulting business names

  • Eco Earth
  • Breathe Solutions
  • Beyond Earth Consulting
  • Green Wind
  • Genesis Consulting

Give Your Consulting Business a Name You Can Be Proud Of

No matter which name you choose for your consulting business, you’ll also need a tool to run your business efficiently. 

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consulting business names

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