How to Use Voxer for Coaching and Land More Clients

how to use voxer for coaching

Are you overwhelmed with one-on-one coaching sessions for your private clients — yet wish you could support your clients in a deeper way?

If so, perhaps it’s time for you to learn how to use Voxer for coaching!

Keep reading to discover:

  • What is Voxer?
  • How does Voxer coaching work?
  • 4 benefits of using Voxer for coaching
  • 4 ways to add Voxer to your coaching business
  • The easiest way to create a Voxer coaching package

What Is Voxer?

Voxer is a popular voice chat app that works like a digital walkie-talkie app. Unlike other texting and messaging apps, you can share your voice messages in real time!

Oh, and it’s a free app, too.

In addition to voice messages, you can also use Voxer to share text or media. 

To send someone a message on Voxer, you only need to press the orange ‘walkie-talkie’ icon in the bottom right corner. 

how to use voxer for coaching

If you’re in a chat while someone is speaking, you can listen to what they’re saying in real time. Otherwise, you can listen to the recording later.

In short, Voxer is incredibly simple and intuitive to use, even for someone uncomfortable with tech. 

How Does Voxer Coaching Work?

Voxer coaching is the art of supporting your clients using Voxer (or an alternative voice messaging app). 

Currently, the most popular method to offer coaching with one-on-one clients is either in person or via video calling software like Zoom. A coach may offer support via email or text between coaching sessions.

Voxer coaching is both an alternative and an additional way to support your coaching clients! You can eliminate lengthy email chains when your clients need your help in between sessions… or you can do away with Zoom sessions entirely if both you and your client are too busy.

The beauty of Voxer is the ability to speak in real time. It offers the intimacy of a phone call but with the flexibility of a messaging app. 

4 Benefits of Using Voxer for Coaching

How to use Voxer for coaching

Should you start using Voxer for coaching? Here are 4 benefits to consider!

1. Overcome time differences 

Many coaches expand their online business to work with clients from all over the world.

And while that’s a wonderful thing, it does add an issue with time zones.

When you’ve got a huge time difference between yourself and a client, it can be challenging for your client to schedule themselves into your calendar each week consistently. 

But with Voxer, you don’t have to be online at the same time as your client. It’s an ideal tool for asynchronous coaching! 

2. Create an additional revenue stream

Even if you already have coaching packages, you can add Voxer coaching as a brand-new revenue stream. 

Clients who aren’t ready for your signature coaching program can get an idea of what it’s like to work with you using Voxer. So not only can you land new clients, but you can help brand new clients learn to trust you enough to invest on a deeper level with you. 

3. Increase the value of your existing coaching packages 

Voxer coaching is great as a standalone offer. But it’s also an amazing tool to add value to your existing coaching packages without adding more sessions or bonus content.

Clients who are unsure whether your package is worth the investment can rest easy knowing you’ll be available to support them without having to jump on a 90-minute call. As long as they have their phone, they’ll be able to get in touch should they need you.

4. Help your coaching clients get better results

Voxer allows you to speak your mind and show up more authentically than you would via email chains, no matter your communication style.


If you’re a speaker, you can easily chat away in Voxer without trying to come up with the “perfect” sentence. But if you’re more of a writer, Voxer also allows you to send chat messages.

You don’t have to force yourself to communicate in a way that feels unnatural. That means you can be more responsive to your clients — and they can also learn to communicate more effectively with you.

And when you’ve got stronger communication between yourself and your clients, you’ll be able to help them achieve much better results!

How to Offer Voxer to Your Coaching Clients: 4 Ways

Have you decided that Voxer coaching should be a part of your coaching packages? Here are 4 ways to add the Voxer app to your suite of coaching offers!

1. Provide additional support for existing coaching packages

You can include Voxer as an additional source of support in between coaching calls — no need to create brand-new offers! 

For example, intuitive life coach Madison Arnholt added Voxer to her one-on-one coaching package:

how to use voxer for coaching

In Madison’s case, she offers unlimited voice or text messaging support in between coaching sessions. But you can customize this support depending on the boundaries you want to set.

2. Add ‘Voxer Office Hours’ to your coaching programs

Instead of unlimited Voxer coaching, many coaches opt to offer Voxer Office Hours in between each session. This can work for both private and group coaching.

Your Voxer office hours can be part of a group coaching program or one-on-one coaching. For example, relationship coach Grace Lang has office hours on Voxer from Monday to Friday.

Alternatively, you can also sell them as their own service, like business Lindsey Hazel:

how to use voxer for coaching

The key with Voxer Office Hours is to be transparent about your availability. They’re called “Office Hours” for a reason!

Make sure to specify what days and times people can expect to hear back from you. You should also let potential clients know if you have a limit on how many questions they can ask each week or month.

3. Try a Voxer VIP day

A VIP Day is a day that’s reserved entirely for one coaching client. 

They can look very different depending on how you work with your clients! For example, you can:

  • Spend an entire day (6-8 hours) in person or on a call with a client
  • Hop on a call on and off throughout the day and take breaks while your client does homework
  • Do a hybrid of coaching, consulting, and done-for-you work throughout the day

But another way to make a VIP day productive without burning yourself out (or exhausting your client!) is by selling a Day of Voxer (or Voxer VIP day).

During a Voxer Day, your client has exclusive access to you via Voxer. Because you’re not on a Zoom call with them, both of you can have more space to think and process.

Elizabeth Goddard has a great example of what a Voxer VIP day can look like. She makes it clear that the offer is not a 10-hour call, but that you can still expect her to be responsive throughout the day!

how to use voxer for coaching

Keep in mind that even though you won’t be on call for an entire day with a Voxer VIP Day client, you should still block out your calendar when someone books one. 

When you use Paperbell to sell a Voxer Day, you can set it up, so you’re automatically busy that day — and no one can double-book you.

4. Sell a Voxer-only coaching program

Finally, you can keep it simple and offer a Voxer-only coaching program for your clients.

It can work like a traditional coaching program that spans a few weeks or months. But instead of meeting with you during scheduled sessions, your clients have access to you via Voxer for a specific amount of time.

Business coach Amanda from The Rising CEO offers 3 options for her Voxer coaching.

how to use voxer for coaching

While clients can pick a single-day session (similar to a VIP day), they can also pick 3-month coaching (either pay-in-full or monthly payments).

How to Create a Voxer Coaching Package the Simple Way 

Once you’ve chosen what type of Voxer coaching you want to provide, you’ll need a way to sell it to your clients! And it doesn’t get any easier than with Paperbell.

If you don’t already have it, create your free account so you can follow along. These screenshots are taken from a free account, so you can do everything you see in this tutorial!

First, make sure you’re in the Packages tab of Paperbell. Click on + Create new:

how to use voxer for coaching

You’ll then choose between a One-time or Payment plan package — or a Subscription package.

A Subscription package will make sense if you’re selling a monthly subscription to your Voxer offer hours. On the other hand, a One-time/Payment plan package makes more sense if you’re selling a Voxer VIP Day (or a regular coaching package that includes Voxer support).

For the purposes of this example, we’ll use One time/Payment plan:

how to use voxer for coaching

Now you can name your coaching package and customize the details! In this example, we’ll create a Voxer VIP Day, that lasts between 9 am to 4 pm, which means it should take up 420 minutes on your calendar.

If you’re offering Voxer Office Hours, simply turn off the Appointment Details.

You can also decide whether clients need to book or pay first. 

Next, Paperbell will prompt you to set your price. If you’ve already connected to Stripe or Paypal (which takes only a few minutes), you’ll be ready to accept payment from clients right away!

Finally, you can customize the description and appearance of your packages. 

This is where you get to have fun! Add your logo, break down exactly what’s included in your Voxer coaching offer, and add a teaser overview of your offer, too.

And that’s it! If you want, you can add extra details to your package, such as:

  • Contracts
  • Intake surveys
  • Additional content (workbooks, homework, etc)
  • Automated emails
  • Group sessions

But if not, your coaching package is ready to go. Just set up your availability if you included an Appointment in your package, then share your page wherever you want to market yourself.

how to use voxer for coaching

Add Voxer Coaching to Your Business

Now you have everything you need to start using Voxer for coaching!

One more thing — make sure to set clear boundaries for Voxer coaching. If you’re not clear on those boundaries, you’ll easily get overwhelmed by your clients.

Paperbell makes it crazy simple to offer coaching — Voxer or otherwise — to your clients online. Grab your free account today to start selling your Voxer coaching right now!

how to use voxer for coaching

By Charlene Boutin
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March 15, 2023

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