Use the availability section to tell Paperbell when you’re available to meet with clients. You can schedule one-off blocks of time, or create weekly or bi-weekly schedules.

Create new availability by clicking on a day in the calendar, or use the “➕ Create new” button.

Your availability will always show in your own timezone, which you can modify in your account settings.

You can modify an existing availability block by clicking on it on your calendar.

You can connect or edit your google calendar here.

Paperbell uses your sync calendars to see when you’re actually busy during your “available times”.

For example, if you’ve told Paperbell that you’re available from 1-5pm on Monday, but you have a doctor’s appointment on your google calendar on Monday from 4-5pm, Paperbell will not book you at that time.

So you don’t have to worry about fine-tuning your availability within paperbell. Just make sure to block off any busy times in your synced google calendar and paperbell will take care of the rest.

Your “publish to” calendar is where client appointments booked by paperbell will appear on your google calendar.

Client View

Want to know how your availability interacts with your synced Google calendars to see exactly when you’re available to clients?

Just head to the Client View.

This shows you exactly what clients see when they’re on your booking page. You can switch the Client View time zone on that page without changing the time zone on your own account. So if you’re based in the UK or the East Coast of the US and want to know which hours you’re available for your West coast clients, you can see that instantly — no time zone math required!

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