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How do payment plans work?

Wondering how payment plans (also called instalments) work in Paperbell? You’ve come to the right place!

What is a payment plan?

A payment plan is when your client makes multiple monthly payments over time instead of just one payment up front.

This is commonly used for longer coaching engagements. For example, you may have a package that includes 6 sessions and is paid with a 6-payment plan of $200 each payment.

How do I set up a payment plan?

Payment plans are found in step two of our package setup.

To change or add a payment plan to an existing package, look for the Pricing tab. To change or remove an existing price, click on that line.

Payment Plan FAQs

Is the client’s card automatically charged each month?

Yes! Your client will be automatically charged for each payment. They do not need to re-submit their payment information or approve anything.

Does my client receive a receipt for each payment?

Yes! This is done through Stripe. If you’d like to modify it, check the settings of your Stripe account.

Can my client cancel a payment plan?

No, clients do not have the option to self-cancel payment plans. If they want to cancel midway through they need to contact you directly.

What’s the difference between a payment plan and monthly subscription?

Payment plans have a set number of payments. Subscriptions continue indefinitely until they’re cancelled by the client or provider.

Can my client make all of their appointments up front? Or are they doled out with each payment?

Your client will be able to book all of their available appointments as soon as they purchase. We find this is better than doling them out so that both you and your client can pre-plan and not have to scramble to find a timeslot each month. If your client’s payment fails you can simply cancel and remove any outstanding appointments.

What happens if my client’s credit card fails?

Stripe will automatically try to re-charge their card. You can view the specifics of this inside your Stripe account.

Can I create a payment plan if I use PayPal as my service provider?

No, payment plans are only available for Stripe at this time.

Can I create a package with the option for a payment plan OR a one-time payment?

Yes! Here’s how.

Can I set up a different cadence other than monthly? Like weekly payment plans?

No, and please email us at hello@paperbell.com if you want this or any other payment plan features so we’ll know to prioritise it higher!

When will the first payment be charged?

The first payment will be charged immediately upon checkout. Future payments will happen on the same date each month.

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