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Paperbell Quickstart Guide (Onboarding)

Hi there, welcome to Paperbell! You can login to your account anytime at https://app.paperbell.com/providers/sign_in

Watch this video for a quick overview of Paperbell:

Hold up!
We moved your package url and direct book url from your Summary tab on over to your new Sharing tab located on your package’s individual page.

There are four essential onboarding steps to getting up and running with Paperbell. Let’s knock them out right now! (You’ll also find these steps inside the app.)

1. Create a package (so you have something to sell)

2. Add availability (so clients know when they can work with you)

3. Connect your Google Cal (so you’ll never be double-booked)

4. Connect Stripe or PayPal (so you can get paid)

That’s it! After you’ve done these four steps you can start linking clients to your shop page (you can find the link here) so that they can buy packages and book time with you.

You know how you can buy a package of 10 yoga classes, then use their booking software to book the actual classes whenever you like? Your clients can now do the same with Paperbell! Your client pays for a package up-front, then goes into the system to book the actual sessions. It’s up to them if they’d like to go ahead and schedule everything ahead of time, or log back in and schedule when they’re ready for their next session. When they purchase through Paperbell they will create their own client account, just like you do at a yoga studio.

This ensures that you get paid up front, instead of chasing down invoices. If you prefer that your clients pay as they go, you can create one-session packages for your clients to keep re-purchasing whenever they’re ready.

Brief Overview of The Entire App

You can click on a client’s name on the client page to see all of their details – which packages they’ve purchased, how much they’ve spent, and how many sessions they have left. You can also add your own notes that only you can see.

You can also check out your appointments page to see an upcoming list of all appointments. If you chose a “publish to” calendar on your calendar settings, these will also appear on your google calendar automatically.

Your shop page is where you modify your shop – the place you send clients to view your packages. (You can also link directly to an individual package by grabbing the URL from a package page, just go to the Sharing tab.)

And your sales page is where you’ll find a list of all packages you’ve sold through your Paperbell shop. It can be sorted by package to make it more easily digestible.

Finally, check out your settings page to change your time zone, or edit the meeting URL given to your clients. This will automatically appear in your google calendar appointments, to end any confusion about which meeting room you’re using or who is calling who. (You can also enter your Skype handle or a conference line number here.)

If you need any help, we’re here for you at hello@paperbell.com (or just hit “reply” to any email you receive from us).

We can’t wait to help you grow your business!

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