Everything You Need to Know to Become a Successful Manifestation Coach

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Manifestation coaches can bring about deep, lasting change in their clients’ lives. With a blend of spiritual insight and psychological understanding, they can help them harness their beliefs to manifest their desires and create the life they want.

If this career path has been calling your name, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll explore what it takes to become a manifestation coach, from training to creating your services.

Whether you’re considering a total career change or simply want to expand into a new coaching specialty, this guide will outline the steps to start helping people manifest their dreams.

What Is a Manifestation Coach?

Manifestation coaches are professionals who help individuals bring their desires and goals into reality.

At its core, manifestation is based on the belief that our thoughts and energy can shape our reality. Coaches specializing in it work with clients to align their mindset and behavior with what they want. This process allows them to overcome self-sabotage, act more intentionally, and attract good fortune.

This concept is also known as the law of attraction, which states that like attracts like. According to this principle, our thoughts and emotions emit energetic vibrations that attract similar vibrations from the universe. By maintaining positive thoughts, beliefs, and emotions aligned with our desires, we can magnetize those desires to get what we want.

In essence, manifestation practice is a more spiritual and holistic approach to goal achievement. Instead of left-brain goal-setting and accountability practices, coaches in this specialty help clients clarify their desires, shift their mindset, and release limiting beliefs. This lets them cultivate a positive energy flow conducive to manifestation.

Clients seek manifestation coaching for all kinds of reasons, including:

  • Manifesting a fulfilling career, promotions, or entrepreneurial success
  • Attracting healthy and loving relationships or strengthening existing connections
  • Manifesting physical health, a positive body image, and emotional well-being
  • Attracting financial prosperity, abundance, or material possessions

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No matter the intention, manifestation techniques are universal. Here are some tools manifestation coaches use with clients:

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP): Changing language and behavioral patterns to reprogram the subconscious mind for positive change.
  • Hypnotherapy or guided meditation: Accessing the subconscious mind through guided relaxation to remove mental barriers and instill empowering beliefs.
  • Journaling: Guiding clients through journaling prompts to uncover subconscious programming and change their mindset.
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT): Tapping on specific meridian points to release negative emotions and promote emotional well-being.
  • Affirmations: Positive statements that reinforce desired outcomes and reprogram subconscious beliefs.
  • Vision boards: Creating visual representations of goals to serve as a daily reminder of intentions.

Let’s look at how you can acquire the skills to help clients manifest their dream lives.

What Are the Requirements to Become a Manifestation Coach?

If you’re new to the industry, you must pick up some coaching skills.

You might do this through a fundamental coaching training or certification program. These programs generally cover the following:

  • Core coaching competencies
  • Ethical guidelines
  • Structured frameworks
  • Coaching methodologies

They also help you practice active listening, empathizing with clients, and powerful questioning.

Those accredited by organizations like the International Coach Federation (ICF) or the International Association of Coaching (IAC) typically also provide credentials to help you build your professional reputation.

Once you’re trained, you need to gain experience through practicing coaching with other aspiring coaches or working with clients. Offering a few pro-bono sessions when starting is a great way to put theory into practice and gain more confidence in your abilities.

Next, you can choose an area to specialize in as a coach—in this case, manifestation.

Manifestation coaches usually learn about principles like the law of attraction and the subconscious mind. Some may even venture into neuroscience, energy healing, or quantum physics. Understanding human behavior is critical to helping clients reprogram their minds while diving into spiritual concepts gives you the framework to help them connect with their deeper purpose.

You must also become familiar with practical techniques like visualization, affirmations, energy work, and mindfulness practices to influence your clients’ thinking and inspire lasting change.

You can either go through a single comprehensive training to learn about both coaching and manifestation, or you can pick up these skills and qualifications from various programs. Neither is right or wrong; it simply depends on your specific interests and preferred approach to working with coaching clients.

Can Life Coaches Become Manifestation Coaches?

Yes! Life coaches can become manifestation coaches by expanding their skill set and knowledge to specialized techniques and practices related to manifestation.

If you’re a life coach and you’re interested in helping clients manifest their intentions, you can take additional training to learn about manifestation principles and tools, and then integrate these into your coaching practice.

Let’s explore a few manifestation coaching programs you can take online.

3 Manifestation Coaching Certifications to Consider

Abundance and Manifestation Coach Certification by Transformation Academy

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The Transformation Academy’s Abundance and Manifestation Coach Certification is a self-paced, CPD-accredited online course that covers the following:

  • Manifestation techniques
  • Advanced law of attraction principles
  • Visualization techniques
  • Teaching a money mindset of abundance
  • Coaching clients to overcome fears and limiting beliefs

It includes a done-for-you 21-day Money Mindset Transformation Plan, which comes in handy since many clients in this field want to work on their financial abundance. The program costs $197 on Transformation Academy, but you can also find it on Udemy for $69.99 (or even cheaper when it’s on sale).

It’s a great option if you’re already familiar with coaching and want to expand your basic understanding of abundance and manifestation for an affordable price.

Life Coach Certification Program by Yes Supply

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The Life Coach Certification Program by Yes Supply is a comprehensive alternative that teaches you both fundamental coaching skills and methodology closely related to manifestation.

It covers a trauma-sensitive, evidence-based, and inclusive approach to achieving transformation and abundance. It blends science, spirituality, the subconscious mind and energy, and combines the following five certifications:

  • Mindset Coach
  • Neural Energetic Wiring Practitioner
  • Neural Energetic Encoding Practitioner
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner
  • Hypnosis Practitioner

You’ll get access to over 100 hours of video lessons, live coaching calls, and an online community where you can connect with other participants. You can finish this course within 7-25 weeks, depending on the track you choose, and costs $6500.

This program is ideal for those seeking comprehensive training and support to launch or scale a manifestation coaching practice.

Laser Coach Certification with Regan Hillyer

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There are many coach certification programs out there that deliver the basic concepts of manifestation. However, if you want to opt for an expert-led training program, why not learn from the best?

Regan Hillyer is one of the most famous manifestation coaches and an author on the leading transformational education platform, Mindvalley. She’s also a certified Master of NLP and a renowned speaker.

Her 6-week Coach The Coach program is aimed at aspiring manifestation coaches led by Regan herself. It introduces participants to her Laser Coaching™ Methodology, the foundation of her multi-million dollar coaching business.

Participants learn practical strategies to awaken their clients’ potential and achieve significant positive change in just 20-minute sessions. The curriculum covers the following topics:

  • NLP
  • Hypnosis techniques
  • Success strategies
  • Coaching practices
  • Energy work

You’ll receive personal feedback and mentoring from Regan throughout the program, as well as access to a community platform with accountability partners.

The Coach the Coach program currently costs $4997.

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How Much Should I Charge as a Manifestation Coach?

The fees you can charge as a manifestation coach, just like in similar life coaching niches, vary widely depending on your expertise, location, and services. Generally, coaches may charge anywhere from $50 to $300 or more per session, with some offering package deals or monthly retainer options.

Manifestation coaches often fall within a similar range. However, the more specialized your expertise and qualifications are, the easier it will be to raise your rates over time. 

Look around in your target market to see how much similar coaches charge and how they structure their offers to gain inspiration for your own price structure.

3 Examples of Packages Real-Life Manifestation Coaches Sell

Here are three examples of how successful coaches structure their services in the manifestation niche.

Manifesting with Soul with Juliette Kristine

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Juliette is an award-winning manifestation coach who offers a 3-month private coaching program called Manifesting with Soul. The program includes six one-hour private 1:1 coaching sessions with:

  • Channeled guidance
  • Intuitive healing
  • Advanced manifestation and energetic techniques
  • Insights from the Akashic Records

Notice how she highlights her coaching tools as tangible benefits of her sessions. This way, clients don’t focus on her hourly rate but on the value she delivers.

Additionally, she offers message support between sessions and access to her online course, The Surrender Approach. These bonuses help increase the overall value of her package.

She delivers her sessions over WhatsApp, which allows her to expand her clientele globally without dealing with complex online tools. She charges $4,400 for all the above and offers a payment plan for clients who want to break down this fee into smaller monthly payments.

One-on-One Coaching Offers with Amanda May

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Amanda May is a spiritual mentor and manifestation expert. She offers two different packages for clients to work with her personally.

Her first offer is The Wealth Frequency Portal. It’s an eight-week personalized 1-on-1 coaching program where clients align with the frequency of wealth and unlock exponential success and abundance.

Her second offer is A Magical Month of Voxer. It’s a four-week coaching program through Voxer where she guides clients to overcome limiting beliefs and embody their ideal selves.

Though she doesn’t publicly share her specific rates, this is a classic example of offering a premium offer and a down-sell that’s less personalized and shorter. Coaching through a voice chat app helps her work with more clients simultaneously while offering personalized online sessions, which allows her to charge more.

We also want to salute her for the exceptionally creative package names she came up with!

Manifesting Ninja with Maria Concha

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Maria Concha is a manifestation coach offering a variety of services to her clients.

Her Manifesting Ninja Academy is a comprehensive program with foundational tools for reprogramming the mind. It includes transformational workbooks, training videos, and a meditation album.

Clients can enroll in her academy in two different ways:

  • Her Silver Package: Getting all the above and email access to Maria (or her team) for six monthly installments of $351 ($2,106 in total).
  • Her Gold Package: This option includes two additional private calls with Maria, Voxer chat, and weekly live support with her and her team. It costs $1,997 as a one-time payment.

She offers discounts and personalized support to motivate her clients to pay her upfront. Having a team helps her scale her services to take on more clients.

Maria also has a premium offer, a Manifesting Retreat. This retreat is a 5-day all-inclusive stay in Costa Rica and a transformative in-person experience. Meals by a private chef and the gorgeous location create a luxurious experience, while manifestation activities ensure clients walk away with more than just a vacation. These include:

  • Healing workshops
  • Manifestation and goal attraction workshops
  • Daily yoga and meditation classes

Tickets start at $3,997 and are tied to an application process. This way, she can keep her retreats curated and exclusive, providing a premium experience to her participants.

While retreats require you to fly down to an on-site location, they provide an unforgettable experience for your clients and you. Plus, you can use the footage and photography from these events to promote your future services.

Craft Custom Manifestation Coaching Packages With Paperbell

If you’re ready to start selling your manifestation coaching services, Paperbell makes it easy to create custom packages for your clients.

More than that, it’s an all-in-one client management tool that handles bookings, contracts, payments, and more. Paperbell streamlines the admin side of your business so you can focus on helping clients manifest their dreams.

Try Paperbell for free with your first client.

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